War on Drugs

Helicopters Deployed, Schools Locked Down to Apprehend Unarmed Drug Suspect on Long Island

New York state of mind(lessness)


"strong" island
via Sayville.com

Pat Buchanan might see the "deeply libertarian trend" buoying support for marijuana legalization across the political spectrum, but when it comes to attitudes toward drugs, there are still also deeply statist trends across the country. Last month on Long Island, New York, at least three schools in Sayville were put on lock down (or "lock-in") while police deployed helicopters in pursuit of an unarmed drug suspect. Via the local Patch:

According to School Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner the activity parents were reporting was tied to a police drug bust search for an unarmed male in the area between Lincoln Avenue Elementary School and Sayville Middle School.

"Parents called the office regarding the helicopters. We had our security contact the police to find out what was going on. When we found out we brought the elementary students off the playground at recess and did a lock-in at Lincoln, Sunrise, and the middle school," he told Patch in an email.

America, 2014.

Earlier this school year in Detroit, a drug raid conducted near a school during school hours led the police chief to announce unspecified policy changes.

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