Gun Control

Justice Department Want Prohibitions on Gun Ownership by Mentally Ill to Extend to Those Found Unfit to Stand Trial, Those Found Not Guilty Due to Mental Illness, Others Considered "Lacking Mental Responsibility"

Due process says what?


The Obama administration is seeking broader measures that would prohibit the mentally ill from buying and possessing firearms.

In a plan unveiled Friday, the Justice Department is requesting that current prohibitions related to mental illness be extended to those found incompetent to stand trial, people found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect and others "lacking mental responsibility."

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  1. Oh, boy. I would like to argue against this just on my general sentiment, but I'm having some problems with that. I welcome arguments against any or all expressed below.

    I would have thought people found "not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect" would already be prohibited, even before people simply declared mentally ill. After all, they committed what would otherwise be a crime and used that plea.
    The same would seem to be also the case for those found "incompetent to stand trial."
    The last group? I'm not clear what that legally means.

    1. "The last group? I'm not clear what that legally means."

      Thats the very point.

  2. How does one determine who is mentally ill (or for that matter who is mentally sane)?
    Is someone mentally ill if they walk around on the streets naked? Is that freedom or insanity?
    If I momentarily snap and get angry am I mentally ill? Is one mentally ill if they have attended anger management class?
    Is someone mentally ill if they are talking to themselves when no one is around? How many do you know that have talked to themselves when working? Have you? Have I?
    Is someone mentally ill if they see a psychologist/psychiatrist? How many in our country has seen a psychologist/psychiatrist?
    Is someone mentally ill if they are bipolar/schizophrenic? There are university professors and legal scholars who have schizoprenia?

    1. To Add more...

      How can one ban the "mentally ill" from buying guns? On what basis? Does mentally ill not have constitutional rights? Where in constitution does it say that someone declared mentally ill does not have rights? May be it does, well even if it does the problem is how do we determine who is mentally ill? Someone with a low IQ? Someone with a very high IQ? Is a "Idiot" Savant "mentally ill"?
      Who has the right to determine? The NRA? The courts? The government? A medical doctor? A government appointed doctor? An independent doctor? Does the doctor have to be a psychologist/psychiatrist? I a neurosurgeon/brain surgeon allowed to determine one's sanity?
      Why does NRA support denying the "mentally ill" their rights? When did NRA become anti- 2nd Amendment? Why does Wayne LaPierre call the "mentally ill" lunatics?
      To me the people talking about taking away the rights of the mentally ill should be the first one to examined for their sanity.

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