Climate Change

Kerry Focusing State Department on Climate Change

Asking why not


As a young naval officer in Vietnam, John Kerry commanded a Swift boat up the dangerous rivers of the Mekong Delta. But when he returned there last month as secretary of state for the first time since 1969, he spoke not of past firefights but of climate change.

"Decades ago, on these very waters, I was one of many who witnessed the difficult period in our shared history," Mr. Kerry told students gathered on the banks of the Cai Nuoc River. He drew a connection from the Mekong Delta's troubled past to its imperiled future. "This is one of the two or three most potentially impacted areas in the world with respect to the effects of climate change," he said.

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  1. Well, to be fair I’d prefer Kerry waste his time on climate change than fucking up international relations.

  2. Kerry is yet another (deranged?) habitual politician and power broker hanging around the Beltway. In his case he decided to make politics a career instead of the Navy. He needs to get out of politics and make a niche for himself somewhere else. He is wealthy, so he should be able to find something that doesn’t make our foreign policy look like a science laboratory, or bore him. Those of his mediocre ilk cause as much damage to our overseas image as do the no win wars we get into.

    The same applies to a great many politicians of both our parties, and to include our mythical parties that have no real power. The Clintons sure as hell need to get out of politics. They have a wad of personal fortune money and should be able to find something to occupy their minds. As much as many people bash Jimmy Carter, at least the man has found a variety of things to do that in some cases actually help people more than the deadbeat Kerry lecturing the Vietnamese on environmentalism. Such bullshit!

    1. Do you have some sort of template that you get these from?

      1. Sorry Asshole. No template. I’m actually educated enough and trained enough to write them myself. I don’t steal my comments from anywhere. How about you? What “template” do you use moron?

  3. We need to put an emissions tax on any intestinal flatulence based on the decibel level of the escaping gasses! Monitoring stations could be created that would contain high amp microphones that would pinpoint any abrupt animal discharges of methane gas. NSA could oversee the technical operations and Homeland Defense could then arrest the miscreants and round up the animals. Studies have shown that most of the methane flatulence comes from Washington DC! We need to tax the government first until they cannot print anymore money and then every living thing that breaks wind.

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