Egyptian Authorities Arrest Seven Over Police Station Bombing

Son of Muslim Brotherhood leader among those arrested


(Reuters)—Seven people, including the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader, have been arrested in connection with a suicide bomb attack on a police station north of Cairo that killed 16 people last month, the interior minister said.

The army-backed government listed the group as a terrorist organization after accusing it of carrying out the attack, one of the worst Egypt has faced since the army deposed Islamist Mohamed Mursi in July following protests against his rule.

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  1. Another overpopulated and corrupt country (Egypt) where the U.S. has dropped billions over the decades in hopes that they would stop attacking Israel. Which they did of course. Guess the idiots who run the place (all of them) decided they need to feed their people, which by the way was the primary cause of the original riots which led to the overthrow of the guy we supported, followed by the Muslim brotherhood morons, and now controlled by the corrupt military once again. Some 80 million (?) underfed people (except for the filthy rich) crammed into the Nile River Valley.

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