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Ed Krayewski on Four Issues Republicans Could Embrace in 2014 To Stay Relevant


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Heather Bradley Photograhy/foter.com

2014 is another election year, with both Democrats and Republicans hoping to exploit the others' policy weaknesses to make gains in the Congressional midterms. Democrats are being pilloried for the disaster that's been the healthcare website roll out so far, as well as for President Obama's numerous second-term missteps and scandals. Republicans, in the meantime, are pilloried for appearing to be obstructionists who are "out of touch" with the American populace.

But image isn't the Republicans' only problem, or the biggest one. The Republican party is already embroiled in what much of the left relishes as a "civil war"; at stake is the ideological direction the party will take. The division is largely drawn as establishment (read: big government) conservatives vs. grassroots, libertarian or movement conservatives. Ed Krayewski recommends four issues Republicans could embrace to remain relevant in 2014.