Central African Republic

White House: "Actively Working to Help End the Violence" in Central African Republic, US Will Send $100+ Million in Military and Humanitarian Aid

$24 million in scheduled appropriation, $101 million to "restore security," and $15 million for other humanitarian aid


The United States plans to provide more than $100 million in security and humanitarian assistance to the war-torn Central African Republic, the White House announced Thursday.

"The CAR faces extraordinary challenges to restore security and to ensure protection of the civilian population," the White House said in a statement.

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  1. Too bad for all you people who believe that foreign affairs is a legitimate function of the federal government, to include defense. This military and humanitarian aid is coming out of your federal taxes. Don’t you just love it?

    In the case of most countries (in this case an African “Banana Republic”) you might as well take $100 million in cash, shred it, and then flush it down a toilet. But this is a legitimate function of a federal government. Right?

    Otherwise, all power should go to the 50 states. Why don’t we just close the federal government and let the 50 states become little sovereign nations, and they can handle their own defense, conduct their own foreign policies, and print their own money.

    Think any of them will get together and cough up $100 million to give to to some armpit country anywhere? Think any of our 50 states with their newly won independence will be able to maintain the interstate highway systems with federal aid?

    Remember the Confederacy and “Old Dixie”? That’s what those southern fried assholes did in 1861. They all showed up for war with different money and different currency and whatnot, and then figured that would not work, so they got a standard current, uniforms, and moved their f***ing capitol to Richmond.

  2. That’ll solve it.

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