New Mexico Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Constitutional, NYC Gym Teacher Claims Being Discriminated Against for Being Heterosexual, Transgendered Model to Feature in Elle Canada: P.M. Links


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    Elle Canada

    The remaining imprisoned members of Pussy Riot are two of the thousands of Russians released or expected to be released after the passage of an amnesty law in the country. Meanwhile in the land of the free, President Obama commuted the sentence of eight people convicted of crack-cocaine offenses who had each spent at least 15 years in jail already.

  • Hillary Clinton says she will make a decision on running for president again sometime next year.
  • Moody's downgraded the debt outlook for New Jersey from stable to negative over concerns about its ballooning pension obligations, despite Chris Christie's efforts at reform.
  • New Mexico's Supreme Court ruled the state could not prohibit same-sex marriages.
  • The city of Cleveland settled for $6,750 with a gun owner who accused the police department of seizing his firearm despite there being no charges filed against him.
  • A gym teacher at a private school in New York City claims in a lawsuit that he was discriminated against for his heterosexual lifestyle.
  • A transgendered model previously disqualified from participating in the Miss Universe competition for being born a man will feature in a photo spread for an upcoming issue of Elle Canada. She will also star in a reality show called Brave New Girls airing on E! Canada.

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