New Mexico Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Constitutional, NYC Gym Teacher Claims Being Discriminated Against for Being Heterosexual, Transgendered Model to Feature in Elle Canada: P.M. Links


  • not a kardashian
    Elle Canada

    The remaining imprisoned members of Pussy Riot are two of the thousands of Russians released or expected to be released after the passage of an amnesty law in the country. Meanwhile in the land of the free, President Obama commuted the sentence of eight people convicted of crack-cocaine offenses who had each spent at least 15 years in jail already.

  • Hillary Clinton says she will make a decision on running for president again sometime next year.
  • Moody's downgraded the debt outlook for New Jersey from stable to negative over concerns about its ballooning pension obligations, despite Chris Christie's efforts at reform.
  • New Mexico's Supreme Court ruled the state could not prohibit same-sex marriages.
  • The city of Cleveland settled for $6,750 with a gun owner who accused the police department of seizing his firearm despite there being no charges filed against him.
  • A gym teacher at a private school in New York City claims in a lawsuit that he was discriminated against for his heterosexual lifestyle.
  • A transgendered model previously disqualified from participating in the Miss Universe competition for being born a man will feature in a photo spread for an upcoming issue of Elle Canada. She will also star in a reality show called Brave New Girls airing on E! Canada.

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  1. Hillary Clinton says she will make a decision on running for president again sometime next year.

    We’ll know when Bill starts getting his digs in on Obama.

    1. I think she will get elected because people will vote for her, in descending order:

      1) people who want to vote for “the first woman president” (most voters)

      2) people who vote for Hillary because they want Bill back in the White House (lots of people)

      3) people who think Hillary will do a good job (50-100 people nationwide)

      1. 1) citation please. I don’t see “most voters” believing that Hillary is the choice.

        1. No citation, just speculation of course. But do you really think she will be beatable? The Rs will need to put up someone really compelling to overcome the “it’s time for a woman president” mentality. We saw the juggernaut that “It’s time for a black president” was, and how many people voted for BO solely for that reason.

          1. I think you missed the sarcasm. The citation required is for evidence that Hillary really is a woman.

          2. You are assuming people will be as excited to make Hillary the first woman prez as people were to make Obama the first black prez. I don’t agree.

            1. Mike Huckabee says your welcome

      2. That’s what people assumed the last time she ran, but she could easily be shitcanned again if a black woman runs against her.


  2. The city of Cleveland settled for $6,750 with a gun owner who accused the police department of seizing his firearm despite there being no charges filed against him.

    They’ll let him down again, I’m sure.

    1. They should have listened to Drew Carey.

    1. “Was that worth 4 billion dollars?”


      1. Yes, I loved that part!

    2. Cool. Hope that means Saab will stay solvent so that I can keep getting parts for my 1992 900 convertible.

      1. Green?

        1. Damn right it’s green — that was a great color. The evening of the day in 1992 I bought that car I miraculously found a parking place right in front of a popular San Francisco nightclub. Two very hot women saw me pull up and said “Ooh, is this your car?” When I nodded yes, they said “Can we touch it?” I told them to knock themselves out and went into the club.

          In retrospect they were sitting ducks, I don’t know why I didn’t capitalize then and there, but I was still pretty sober at that point and therefore not thinking clearly.

          1. Hmmmm. I thought this story would have a happier ending like:

            “I asked the cutest girl out – and long story short – she’s my wife and the mother to my 6 gorgeous daughters. Every year on our anniversary we make sweet love in the back seat of that dark green 1992 Saab.”

            Next time go with my version.

            1. Except – you married *both* the hot women who wanted to touch your car.

          2. In retrospect they were sitting ducks, I don’t know why I didn’t capitalize then and there, but I was still pretty sober at that point and therefore not thinking clearly.


      2. I don’t think Saab aircraft has any remaining relationship with the former car company.

        It’s basically the defense contractor for Sweden.

        1. Sweden has a defense?

          1. It basically boils down to ‘don’t fuck with Sweden or you’ll be out of hot blondes and knee-deep in ABBA’, but you’ve got to have something to display at the airshows.

          2. Yes, and the AK5 is one of the sweetest 5.56mm rifles out there (full disclosure: it’s a Belgian FNC with special furniture).

          3. I think they’re like pikeman or something.

  3. Moody’s downgraded the debt outlook for New Jersey from stable to negative over concerns about its ballooning pension obligations, despite Chris Christie’s efforts at reform.

    Time to start whining to the federal government for money.

    1. If they want to be bailed out, they can give up their statehood and become a federal territory again.

      1. They’re a state? I thought they were a suburb of New York.

    2. Everyone knows Warren Buffett and the gang at Moody’s are just a bunch of ratfuckers.

    3. When was it not time to whine to the feds for money?

  4. Hillary Clinton says she will make a decision on running for president again sometime next year.

    Probably *after* the midterm elections.

    1. You can bet her name will be safely out of the news at that time. Then months later she can be the savior of a damaged and demoralized democratic party.

      1. The only way that could possibly work is if she went against her instincts and repositioned herself through a series of Sista Souljah statements. If she runs on big government, more-of-the-same, I don’t see her making it. The affirmative action benefits of “the first woman President” won’t matter enough.

        On the other hand, I don’t see her ticking off her base by repositioning herself in the center. I think she’ll settle for sitting on boards and going to high-end parties and making millions for doing almost nothing.

        1. She did get $450,000 for a one-hour speech the other day. I believe that’s more than a President’s annual salary. Hard to see why someone would give that up to be in the most stressful job in the world — but I’ve never understood the aphrodisiac of power, so what do I know?

          1. I think Obama may have destroyed the warm vision of being a lefty President for her.

  5. A gym teacher at a private school in New York City claims in a lawsuit that he was discriminated against for his heterosexual lifestyle.

    I guess they couldn’t handle all the totally procreative sex he has.

    1. It’s like bestiality, ffs.

  6. Figure-Skater Brian Boitano Comes Out of Closet

    Are there any straight male figure skaters?

    1. Seems like you come out as straight in that profession. Even more so than male cheerleading.

      1. Male cheerleaders are big strong burly dudes who hoist up athletic, excited, sweaty girls. They drown in poon. They are geniuses.

        1. Yes. If my son cannot do ballet for some reason until two years past puberty, I will push him towards cheerleading. But as the woman who introduced his mom and I is a ballet instructor, I think it will be no problem to get him in with the dancers.

    2. If there was an openly straight guy in figure skating he’d just get the shit beat out of him in the locker room.

      1. I thought figure skaters outsource their violence to cop wannabes and loser fiancees.


    3. Jeff Skinner was a figure skater.

    4. Are there any straight male figure skaters?

      Was there anyone in the world who thought Brian Boitano might be straight?

      Nice cover-up Brian.

    5. He was in the closet? Seriously?

      Best kept secret since Liberace.

    6. Almost all Russian Male skaters but that is about it.

    7. Elvis Stojko?

    8. Figure-Skater Brian Boitano Comes Out of Closet

      He went straight?

    9. So I guess we can now definitively answer the question as to “what would Brian Boitano do?”

      1. He’d certainly pound an ass or two

    10. Did anyone not know Brian Boitano was gay?

  7. Robert Reich: America’s Conscience

    The underlying issue is a moral one: What do we owe one another as members of the same society?

    Conservatives answer that question by saying it’s a matter of personal choice — of charitable works, philanthropy, and individual acts of kindness joined in “a thousand points of light.”

    But that leaves out what we could and should seek to accomplish together as a society. It neglects the organization of our economy, and its social consequences. It minimizes the potential role of democracy in determining the rules of the game, as well as the corruption of democracy by big money. It overlooks our strivings for social justice.

    In short, it ducks the meaning of a decent society.

    Last month Pope Francis wondered aloud whether “trickle-down theories, which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness,” Rush Limbaugh accused the pope of being a Marxist for merely raising the issue.

    But the question of how to bring about greater justice and inclusiveness is as American as apple pie. It has animated our efforts for more than a century — during the Progressive Era, the New Deal, the Great Society, and beyond — to make capitalism work for the betterment of all rather merely than the enrichment of a few.

    1. I guess any idiot can call themselves an economist.

    2. So many vague terms, undefined goals, and meaningless soliloquy. I don’t even know where to begin to make fun of him.

      1. Vague and undefined are all these things are to progressives. They’re nothing but feelings.

    3. We owe one another the threat of violence for not doing what others say we should do. And time in a cage for anyone who ignores those threats of violence. How could members of a decent and moral society owe each other anything less?

    4. And, if nothing else, all the people over the last century who have advocated for accomplishing things ‘together as a society’ and the ‘organization of our economy’ have shown that that leads to worse outcomes and less ‘justice and inclusiveness’ than just letting people get on with their lives.

      1. In lefty speak, sticking a gun to someone’s head is “working together”

        1. WAR IS PEACE

    5. Still waiting for that copy of the social contract that I signed.

      1. Its in the mail but you know, what with the funding problems USPS is having we’re going to need you to cough up some more money and maybe put on this postal uniform and deliver some letters. No you have to use your own car and pay for gas, we don’t have enough. Its for the good of society.

    6. But that leaves out what we could and should seek to accomplish together as a society.

      Nothing. There is nothing we should seek to accomplish together WHEN THE TOOL TO DO THIS IS FORCE.

      I really do fucking hate that troll.

      1. It really is sickening. I can’t imagine the rationalizations they go through to convince themselves they aren’t advocating for a kinder, gentler Soviet Union.

    7. the man writes about capitalism yet has no idea what it is.

    8. No it doesn’t duck anything. It’s because you can’t think in the abstract.


      How’s that for decent?

    9. It’s just and fair to take from me with my 20+ years of education and long work week to subsidize some jackass who couldn’t even finish high school or some precious snowflake that ran up $100k of debt getting a degree in underwater, neolithic French literature. ‘Cause that’s, um, just fair. I have seen extremely few cases of someone’s life being controlled significantly by luck, good or bad. Take some fucking responsibility for yourself.

      True justice, or “just deserts” as Mankiw would call it, allows people to succeed or fail by their own efforts.

      And I’ll say it again: A lynch mob is democratic. There is nothing magical about democracy by itself.

      1. Democracy is two men and a woman voting if rape should be legal.

        1. Party politics is the woman agreeing to make rape legal as long as it is those other people who are raped.

      2. Well said.

        underwater, neolithic French literature.


    10. …charitable works, philanthropy, and individual acts of kindness joined in “a thousand points of light.”

      Newsflash, Bobby: that IS society accomplishing things.

  8. I hope Browner wins his suit against the NFL barring him from using a legal substance and discovery shatters the NFL’s non-profit status. (SLD, contracts and all, but it would be nice to explode the pot PED myth.)

    The cornerback’s agent, Peter Schaffer, told in a telephone interview that Browner will sue the NFL if other attempts at overturning the suspension are unsuccessful.

    1. (SLD, contracts and all, but it would be nice to explode the pot PED myth.)

      No; he went into this knowing MJ (I’m guessing that’s what he tested positive for, without having read the article?) wasn’t allowed. Now, I think it shouldn’t be on the banned list either, but there’s something about “lets just fuck the contract because it worked out in a way I don’t like” that really bothers me.

      WADA is much, much worse because there basically is no contract.

      1. Sure, but on the other hand, it wasn’t like he could take a $100k/year paycut and have that taken from his contract.

      2. His suspension stems from his four year absence in the NFL. While playing in Canada, he missed four years of mandated drug testing by the NFL, which placed him in their level three (one strike and your out) substance abuse program. He had no idea he was supposed to make himself available to the NFL for testing while working in another country.

        That is the basis of his suit.

    2. From what I understand, he has a pretty solid case. Enforcing drug testing on a former employee for four years while not employed by the NFL can’t stand a rational test can it?

    3. Good luck with that one.

  9. State Obamacare Chief is the new Al Qaida second in command. Apparently, the problem was not the leadership, as most of those being shit-canned took extended vacations, to no avail.
    Four out of the 15 chiefs of Obamacare insurance marketplaces run by individual states and the District of Columbia have either quit or gone on leave since the botched Oct. 1 launches of their health exchanges.

  10. “A transgendered model . . .will feature in a photo spread for an upcoming issue of Elle Canada.”

    Well, given the amount of photoshopping done as a matter of course, its not like it matters if the model is even *human*, let alone what their gender/sex is – to the point that you wonder why they even bother with the *photoshoot* part.

    1. Nice pose in the picture, got to hide the man hands.


    2. I recall one of the Bond girls in the 80s being post op. Posed for Playboy. Pretty face, but the hips were still all wrong.

      1. I think Snopes did an article on this one…she wasn’t a “Bond girl” in the sense of being the female lead, she was like an extra in the background of a pool scene or something.

    3. Might they now have to change the name of the magazine to something like “ce”, “cela”, or “?a”?

      Can someone who parlays vou say what the new name should be?

  11. What would Brian Boitano do if he were here today?

    1. A triple axel?

      1. A triple axelanal?


    2. When Brian Boitano was in the alps, fighting grizzly bears, he used his magical fire breath, and saved the maidens fair.

    3. He’d make a plan and he’d follow through, that’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

    4. I think he’d kick an ass or two… that’s what Brian Boitano would do.

  12. Old lead is the best lead.

    All lead mined on Earth naturally contains some amount of the radioactive element uranium 235, which decays, over time, into another radioactive element, a version of lead called lead 210. When lead ore is first processed, it is purified and most of the uranium is removed. Whatever lead 210 is already present begins to break down, with half of it decaying on average every 22 years. In Roman lead almost all of the lead 210 has already decayed, whereas in lead mined today, it is just beginning to decay. (Of course, many lead 210 atoms have already decayed in this ore, too, but the supply is constantly replenished by uranium in unprocessed lead). “The longer since it was originally processed, the lower its intrinsic radioactivity,” Gonzalez-Zalba says.

    1. I’m sure the EPA won’t seize on this as another reason to ban lead bullets.

      It’s not going to stop dedicated reloaders from melting down old pipe, lost wheelweights, etc. Might drive it underground (“Yeah, I need some ‘pencils’, say 38 ‘pencils’, you know?”) but it’s not going to stop them.

      1. I thought pencils have graphite in them, not lead.

        1. Not 38 pencils, you know what I mean?

      2. Wheel weights in California are now made of steel. I have to order lead ones from out of state suppliers who don’t know the lead ones are illegal here, because those who do won’t ship them.

        1. Because everything is ‘known by the state of California to cause horrible things to happen’.

          1. I’m surprised they even let us wipe our own asses. Although I shouldn’t give them any ideas.

  13. Anarchist Cookbook author no longer angry, hopes his book will fall out of print.

    To paraphrase Aristotle: it is easy to be angry. But to be angry with the right person, at the right time and to the right degree that is hard ? that is the hallmark of a civilized person. Two years ago, I co-authored a book entitled Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher. Although written for educators, the book serves as an implicit refutation of the emotional immaturity of the Cookbook. The premise is that all learning takes place in a social context, and that teachers with a high degree of emotional intelligence construct relationships with students that enhance learning. I continue to work hard, in an Aristotelian sense, to be more civilized.

    1. Considering all the misinformation in it, it probably deserves to be out of print. Now, the Improvised Munitions Handbook, OTOH…

    2. I continue to work hard, in an Aristotelian sense

      Wait, what?

  14. Ambitious mission to map billions of stars launched

    Europe has launched the Gaia satellite – one of the most ambitious space missions in history.

    The 740m-euro (?620m) observatory lifted off from the Sinnamary complex in French Guiana at 06:12 local time (09:12 GMT).

    Gaia is going to map the precise positions and distances to more than a billion stars.

    This should give us the first realistic picture of how our Milky Way galaxy is constructed.

    Gaia’s remarkable sensitivity will lead also to the detection of many thousands of previously unseen objects, including new planets and asteroids.

    Separation from the Soyuz upper-stage was confirmed just before 10:00 GMT.

    The satellite is now travelling out to an observing station some 1.5 million km from the Earth on its nightside – a journey that will take about a month to complete.

    Gaia has been in development for more than 20 years.

    It will be engaged in what is termed astrometry – the science of mapping the locations and movements of celestial objects.

    To do this, it carries two telescopes that throw light on to a huge, one-billion-pixel camera detector connected to a trio of instruments.

    Gaia will use this ultra-stable and supersensitive optical equipment to pinpoint its sample of stars with extraordinary confidence.

    They should be able to spot those Vulcans before we destroy ourselves in WWIII.

    1. …a huge, one-billion-pixel camera detector connected to a trio of instruments.

      Who’s going to fly up there to pull the SD card?

      1. More like – who’s going to fly up there to put the SD card *in* because they forgot to do so before launch.

    2. I read “Amphibious Mission” first.

  15. So Pajama boy is a full-time OFA employee. Which only confirms everything I’ve ever believed about the hipster idiots who make up that group.

    1. “Ethan Krupp”, no less.

      1. Sound like a villain from Kafka.

        1. He’s the Scott Evil of the Krupp family.

        2. There’s nothing evil about the name “Krupp”!

          1. I think William Manchester and numerous slave laborers might disagree.

            1. Did you have your sarcasm detector off?

              1. Apparently so.

    2. HA! And here I was giving him the benefit of the doubt as just some guy who does a little bit of commercial modeling.

      Nope, he wasn’t just playing a douche, he IS a douche. It’s probably why it transmitted so well through the photo. He wasn’t acting at all!

    3. How is that not violating some campaign finance rule again?

      1. Really? Section 69.666 of the Federal Elections Code clearly states: FYTW

    4. I can’t wait until this guy gets interviewed! I bet he speaks in the shallowest of platitudes and is as insufferable as I imagine him to be.

    5. He likes Love Actually. Really.

      1. “The tunnel of Love, Indubitably”

      2. Ok, I realize I risk WARTY VIOLATION but I actually like that movie too…i have no idea why either.

        1. Because you also ‘secretly’ like WARTY VIOLATION?

        2. Terrible movie.

          Wonderful aphrodisiac.

        3. You know how I know you’re gay?

          You like Love Actually.

      3. I’m straighter than a statue mile and I liked that film. The dark-haired women that didn’t speak English and was in love with the guy who didn’t speak her language was HAWT!

        1. statute

    6. Look under “And his friends thought it was pretty cool too.” – evidently the “free world” has a single ruler, despite the fact that it wouldn’t be ‘free’ were that the case.

    7. So I was right, he is a typical, low-information Obama supporter.

    8. OFA.BO — I find that domain name vaguely racist.

    9. Cubs fan. ‘Nuff said.

      1. Looks to be the sort of Cubs fan who doesn’t know who Mark Prior is.

        Much like a White Sox fan who, upon being asked to name one of his favorite ChiSox players growing up, replied, “”You know, uh, I thought that, you know . . . the truth is that a lot of the Cubs I liked too.” And who throws like a girl while wearing mom jeans.

  16. England fights off plan for EU military.

    The Prime Minister has told a Brussels summit that there can be no question of British support for proposals from Baroness Ashton and the European Commission for the EU to run its own military.

    1. Nato is the “bedrock” of defence in Europe.

      What he really means is the U.S. is the bedrock of defense (with an s) in Europe. Because God forbid they pay for it themselves.

      1. Well to be fair, *The United Kingdom* (not England) doesn’t want the EU to have a military because that would destroy what little remaining vestige of sovereignty they have left.

        They’re already to the point that Brussels makes laws that the individual governments must then implement without changes or discussion. Give the EU a military and any pretense of it being a federation goes right out the window.

      2. What was that about running out of other people’s money?

  17. Pew-pew-pew news: HEL-MD takes out mortar (shells) and UAVs with vehicle mounted LASER.

    Intended to demonstrate the potential of directed-energy technology for protecting troops against rockets, artillery and mortars (RAM), as well as UAVs and cruise missiles, the multiple test events saw the HEL MD successfully engage over 90 mortar rounds and several UAVs. Army officials say mortars and UAVs are representative of the threats faced by US and allied forces in the battlefield. The tests involved a 10-kW class laser, however, this will be replaced by a 50-kW laser in the future before that is in turn upgraded to a 100-kW class laser for subsequent demonstrations.

    1. Awesome. Now all we need is the open source version to make very effective anti-drone Technicals. Using ‘Murican Ford Rangers as the traditional Hilux is hard to find.

      1. I wonder if incredibly loud car sound system power sources would work, hmm… Add a whole new section to the SEMA show.

        1. All you have to have is have a really hefty alternator to charge the giant capacitors. Of course, if you accidentally bridge the airgap on a capacitor rated for this sort of thing, it would be bad.

          1. Alternator, hell. Just put a 5kW gas genny in the bed with the unit.

            1. But you have a 120 kW gas or diesel generator under the hood.

              1. Yeah, so, you mean a BIG alternator on a PTO.

              2. But you have a 120 kW gas or diesel generator under the hood.

                I mean this.

          2. If it could be powered at low voltage or with a voltage transformer, one could use ultracapacitors they hold a hell of a lot of charge in a little space.

      2. Isn’t it the Toyota Tacoma over here?

      1. I LOL’d.

        1. Took me a few seconds then me too.

        2. We should see if we can get a group buy together with the reason logo on one side and a monocle on the other.

    2. Can they be mounted on sharks?

    3. It’s time to demonstrate the true power of this Battle Station.

    4. Wonder when they expect to get to 100kW. We’ve been struggling to achieve that in a solid state laser. This unit looks big enough though that maybe they could just go to a CO2 laser.

  18. Terminator: Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

    Clerk: Hey, just what you see pal.

  19. Feminist defends punishing Colorado boy for sexual harassment

    Whiny little girls?

    Difficult, demanding mothers?

    Discrimination against boys?

    That’s absurd. Children have to learn to respect other people’s boundaries and listen to their words when they are little. The younger the better because the consequences get more serious the older we get.

    According to another study released earlier this year, one in 10 people between the ages of 14-21 have already committed an act of sexual violence. The most insightful finding, however, was that children who engage in these behaviors feel no sense of responsibility for their actions. That makes sense, since one of the defining characteristics of people who abuse other people is a sense of entitlement. It just happens that our entitlements are gendered and we cultivate a deficit of empathy in boys.

    That kid is a future rapist! He must be snuffed out now!

    1. how exactly is “sexual violence” being defined to have such a high incidence rate? And feminists wonder why so many people don’t take them seriously.

      1. A woman is sexually assaulted if a man she doesn’t find attractive ogles her.

    2. That blogger has no sense of irony since feminists have a giant sense of entitlement.

    3. It has to be exhausting to be so upset about everything.

  20. Dear Prudence: Help! I know my boss is cheating on his wife and she invited me to have Christmas dinner with them!

    For 10 years I’ve been an assistant to a very successful man. He is an extraordinary manager and I feel very loyal to him. Last year, I accidentally found out he had a fling with a colleague at a conference overseas. Subsequently, for the first time, his wife invited me to spend Christmas with them, a sign of high esteem.

    Over the course of the following year, however, my boss has continued this affair and seems obsessed with his mistress. They attend conferences all over the world and take glamorous side trips. They are constantly in touch. He is incredibly cheerful when he comes back from these events. I’ve been invited for Christmas again this year, and it breaks my heart to think of looking into the eyes of his wife and his mother-in-law, who are both warm, affectionate people…

    I feel I have been complicit by keeping silent. I am estranged from my family and don’t spend the holidays with friends, and my boss knows this. If I go, I would feel tempted to pull the wife aside and tell her, or else just burst into tears, which would be the end of my job. But if I don’t go, it won’t be very good for my job, either. What should I do?

    Lady, MYOB.

    1. Decline politely. STFU.

    2. Don’t go! The wife is planning a masacre of all those complicit in her betrayal!

    3. Simple – tell the boss you know about his affair and want a raise.

    4. Suggest a threesome?

      1. Hallmark Classics Presents: A Christmas Orgy

        1. “HO HO HO!”

          1. Sounds like there’d only be two HOs.

    5. Also, if he really is rich and successful who’s to say the wife isn’t banging her tennis pro or gym trainer while he’s off on his business trips?

      She has no idea what their personal life is like.

      1. Yeah, this. Maybe the wife is hot for her?

      2. She doesn’t care
        Whether or not he’s a good man
        She doesn’t care
        Just as long as she still has her friends

        They laugh, they make money
        He’s got a gold watch
        She’s got a silk dress
        And healthy breasts that bounce
        On his Italian leather sofa

    6. I am estranged from my family and don’t spend the holidays with friends

      Maybe it’s because you don’t know when to keep your fucking yap shut?

    7. A few days before Christmas, my closest girlfriends and I will dine out at a fancy restaurant. We are seven young women who were college classmates who now live in different cities. We keep in touch, but we rarely ever get a chance to be all together. It has taken a lot to schedule the date and we all can’t wait to see each other in person. Plus, I have an important personal announcement to make, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. However, one member of the group just announced that she will bring her husband along. She didn’t ask, she has just dropped a line to one of us saying, “He’s coming.” When my friend called her and gently told her we’d rather keep it “girly,” she got annoyed and said: “Either he’s coming, or I’m staying home.” He could be heard in the background saying, “Tell them I’m coming, period.” He’s got jealousy issues, and he rarely lets her go out on her own. She accepts this without complaint. The rest of us would really prefer he stay at home. Is there a polite way out of this, or are we forced into having him and making small talk all evening, instead of our usual hilarious chit-chat?

      What a creep. Besides, I couldn’t imagine a more boring night than being stuck with my wife and her girlfriends all night as much as I love her and like them.

      1. He’s a fag. Not in the homo way. As in asshole.

      2. Have him, but still act “girly”.

  21. The city of Cleveland settled for $6,750 with a gun owner who accused the police department of seizing his firearm despite there being no charges filed against him.

    I feel let down.

  22. The comment that sums up Jezebel pefectly.

    YourblackfriendUErin Gloria Ryan11L
    Fuck the world. I’m tired of all this exclusion, assumption, neglect,misrepresentation with Black Woman and Any other POC. I’m fat, black and tall fuck everyone who doesn’t like me. I’m still going to exist as much as you don’t want me to. Now time to eat some cookies before I start my my juicing fast tomorrow and watch Netflix all night.

    FUCK EVERYONE. 3 minutes ago

    1. Meanwhile everyone around her is going ‘who *are* you again?’

    2. Pretty sure I wouldn’t like her.

      Pretty sure it’s not because she’s 1) fat, 2) black or 3) tall.

      1. Because she’s a juicer?

        1. No, I still talk to Warty.

          Oh, wait, you meant… never mind.

    3. POC? What do points of contact have to do with this?

    4. Now time to eat some cookies before I start my my juicing fast tomorrow and watch Netflix all night.

      “Juicing fast” = guzzling five 2-liter bottles of Orange Crush.

      1. Followed by fasting until lunch time?

        1. Whoa, slow down there! You gotta ease into this. Only fast until brunch.

          1. Then you switch to grape flavor.


    Progressive ScienceBlogs writer, usually somewhat smart, cherry picks Reason comments to rip us commenters. But he did praise Bailey.

    1. Libertymike deserves all the ripping he gets. Fuck that fucking solipsistic moron.

      1. Don’t disagree there, but he’s doing an amazing amount of cherry picking to make like we all think like that.

        1. Yeah. There were only two or three anti-vaccine retards in that thread, and a bunch of people who were against forced vaccinations. I imagine that the latter offend this jerkoff almost as much as Jenny McCarthy does.

          1. They don’t want to put the gun to your head. Really! Things would be so much easier if they didn’t have to make you cooperate.

          2. You are correct Warty:

            “How about ‘I DON’T WANT TO!? That’s about as libertarian as it gets. There is no such thing as a positive obligation in libertarian philosophy and that includes an obligation to be vaccinated.’

            Which is as good a reason as any as to why I shucked my Libertarian tendencies. (Well, that, and my increasing realization over the last 15 years that an ‘unfettered’ free market is not a panacea.)”

            1. You’re an authoritarian piece of shit alright. No argument there.

          3. Also this:

            “It boils down to, basically, ‘Screw you. I don’t care if my decision affects others.’ Come to think of it, a whole lot of Libertarianism boils down to this in actual practice.”

            1. Oh, he’s got it. The only way to play nicely with others is, obviously, by using force to make them do things your way.

          4. Yeah, for them to characterize people who were arguing against forced vaccinations as anti-science is extremely disingenuous. Almost everyone went out of there way to state that they personally thought vaccinations were a great thing.

            1. Yeah, for them to characterize people who were arguing against forced vaccinations as anti-science is extremely disingenuous.

              If it weren’t for disingenuousness, they’d have nothing.

        2. Yeah, the irony was that there was a disagreement on H&R.

    2. I am willing to bet there are far more anti-vaccine people who are liberals than libertarians. There may be some libertarians who are anti-vaxxers but the overwhelming majority fall into the Bailey camp.

      1. Absolutely. Abso-fucking-lutely.

        When I was but a youngster, I had never even heard of an anti-vaccine philosophy, and it came from a raging lefty.

        Plus, Vashon Island.

        Argument is done.

        1. Nearly everything the left says about libertarianism is pure projection.

          1. Yes, this right here. So fucking irritating.

          2. Nearly everything the left says about everything is pure projection.

        2. Even when I heard about anti-government stuff came from raging lefties.

          1. Boy, those days are over.

      2. I would bet the same.

        Yeah, that guy was cherry picking to make his point.

        He wasn’t out to engage in a thoughtful debate I reckon.

        But he did succeed in preaching to his choir.

        So. Mission accomplished.

    3. The other Good That Shall Never Be Questioned is utter unfettered individual rights without consideration for others.

      This guy claims he was a libertarian, but appears to know nothing about it. This is my shocked face.

      1. He’s the kind of guy who was a progressive but called himself a libertarian to be cool, but then ran back to progressivism when someone called him out for being a “heartless” libertarian.

      2. He called himself one, because Bill Maher.

        1. Yes. Screw that guy. I am going to start asking people “Are you a Bill Maher libertarian or a Penn Jillette libertarian?” and when they don’t know the answer, assume the former.

          1. Maher calls himself libertarian?! Is it because he agrees with them on legalizing pot and absolutely nothing else?

            1. Well, he agrees on the hookers, too.

      3. Libertarian. You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    4. I never realized until now there was a Facebook commentariat about Reason articles. I think I’ll stay here, thanks.

    5. And don’t read the comments if you want to stay sane. Especially those from “Stu”, whom I’m pretty sure read a bunch of progressive cliches about libertarianism and decided to spew every single one of them.

      1. Yes. I tried to read the comments but I just couldn’t get through them. They started giving me rage, and I have work to do.

    6. Who the fuck wastes there time blogging about blog commenters?

      Also, is the reason facebook page usually that active? Are the commenters there some alternate universe version of us here?

      1. I once got mentioned in a whiny blog post about why there are no female libertarians. #WINNING

      2. I “Like” Reason on Facebook but never comment when they post links to their articles.

        The commentators there are like strangers. Then again Facebook is more public while what we do here is like the masquerade orgy from Eyes Wide Shut

        1. LOL… love the analogy. You are quite right, sir. Different damn breed around these parts.

    7. Vaccines are, by and large, a benefit thing, however there are risks associated with taking them. People should be able to evaluate the benefit to risk and decide for themselves whether they should use such medicine.

      I am baffled as to why the above is apparently controversial.

      1. Herd immunity is non-excludable and non-rivalrous.

  24. Update from yesterday

    Fun with small city politics. Im just trying to stay out of it.

    1. I mentioned a while back that Bowling Green had passed Sunday sales but that it had to go thru a second vote. That passed too, and Sunday sales went into effect earlier this week, I think.

      1. “went into effect earlier this week, I think.”

        Probably on Sunday, I’m guessin?

  25. SoCon Radio Host and Guest Applaud Jamaica’s Anti-Homosexuality Law

    “Janet Mefferd, among right-wing talk radio’s most rabid promoters of homophobia, endorsed Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law, falsely suggesting that it was essential to combatting the spread of HIV.

    On the December 17 edition of The Janet Mefferd Show, Mefferd invited extreme anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) to discuss his recent trip to Jamaica, where he advised supporters of Jamaica’s gay sex ban in light of calls for its repeal. LaBarbera praised the “moral clarity” of the ban’s supporters, and Mefferd left no doubt that she also supported the criminalization of homosexuality. LaBarbera asserted that such laws help fight HIV, lamenting that in the U.S., people “talk all about rights of homosexuals and never about, you know, stopping this dangerous behavior.” Mefferd agreed, calling it “really unfortunate”:

    “Mefferd’s support for a policy that’s both an affront to fundamental liberties and damaging to public health further demonstrates her extremism – her syndicator’s assertion that she’s “mainstream” notwithstanding. Her vicious anti-LGBT smears, however, haven’t stopped conservative celebrities and media figures like Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Brian Brown, and Stephen Jimenez from appearing on her program.”…..nti/197329

    1. What happened Bo?

    2. Anti-gay people support foreign anti-gay laws.

      *makes notes*

      1. Well, we often hear from defenders of social conservatives that none of them want to make homosexuality a crime, they just do not want government recognized SSM. Not all of them, obviously.

        1. I have been very clear about my feelings about not believing in making gay marriage legal, but instead making straight marriage illegal.

          Who will think of the straights?

    3. Well, there’s no question that less anal sex would mean less HIV, but of course laws are not going to do much, if anything.

    4. Not *the* Janet Mefferd?

      Wait, who’s Janet Mefferd?

      1. If we haven’t heard of her, then any discussion here is essentially giving her publicity.

    5. I have never heard of either of these twats ever before.

  26. Don’t worry, Pajama Boy, TNR has your back

    While this is a ritual mockery that’s ostensibly about Obamacare, what it really reveals is a long-boiling, deep-seated fear on the right of the moment when a more beta-appearing man becomes the mainstream notion of masculinity.
    You can see this newly dominant, subtler definition of masculinity in pop culture’s heroes, the men Americans look up to and imitate. So where we once had Broadway Joe Namath, now we’ve got quiet Eli Manning. Wilt Chamberlain was most famous outside of basketball for having bedded more than 2,000 women, as Kevin Durant is for wearing a backpack. Drake whom a man once described to me as “fucking Joni Mitchell, basically,” is broodingly perched atop a hip-hop world that used to belong to Biggie Smalls and DMX. The novelist who wrote the Big Book that made every other novelist in New York tear out his hair with envy is the shy, Midwestern Chad Harbach, who doesn’t go in for Maileresque brawls with other literary dudes, but pitches in for friendly Saturday Prospect Park football games with them. In last year’s 21 Jump Street, the odd-couple buddy cops return to their high school only to discover that the macho guy (Channing Tatum) can’t get in with the cool crowd. That’s up to schlubby Jonah Hill, who is down with their environmental awareness and fluid conception of sexuality.

    1. …when a more beta-appearing man becomes the mainstream notion of masculinity.

      Good luck with that.

      1. “When a grotesquely obese woman becomes the mainstream notion of femininity…”

    2. “Conservatives Mock Obamacare’s Pajama Boy Because They’re Scared of Him”

      If by ‘scared of’ they mean ‘creeped out’, then yeah.

      1. Annoyed. Condescension + righteousness + ignorance = annoying. Which is progressivism in a nutshell.

      2. I’m scared of him.

        I think aggression (the good kind) is closely linked to competition. The desire to be the best. The need to not suck that has spurred mankind higher and higher up the evolutionary ladder.

        I’m not so sure celebrating mediocrity is a good thing.

    3. This is funny. They actually think that douchy man-child is an example of masculinity.

      People aren’t afraid of beta males getting all the chicks. No, it’s a visceral dislike of seeing someone achieve physical adulthood yet still be have like they are a child i.e. a cultural neoteny.

      1. The real visceral reaction comes when I realize people like him are in charge of my healthcare and the 1/3 of my income seized by the government.

      2. Progressivism is a sign of arrested development.

      3. That’s my thing – I was repulsed by the image of a *grown man* wearing those pajamas ‘non-ironically’.

    4. You can see this newly dominant, subtler definition of masculinity in pop culture’s heroes

      Which is why the super hero genre is straight gangbusters right now? Billions of dollars are being made by simply delivering the most Alpha entertainment possible.

      In last year’s 21 Jump Street, the odd-couple buddy cops return to their high school only to discover that the macho guy (Channing Tatum) can’t get in with the cool crowd. That’s up to schlubby Jonah Hill, who is down with their environmental awareness and fluid conception of sexuality.

      He didn’t actually see this movie, did he? Channing Tatum wasn’t the butt of the joke… the culture of beta glorification was.

      1. People like Thor for his softer side.

        1. To be fair, there are some women (like my wife) that prefer Loki to Thor.

          (though that article is still insane)

          1. Loki has more of an effeminate look, but I wouldn’t call his character effeminate. Egotistical and somewhat insane, yes. Effeminate, no.

            1. Loki is a suave ladies man – Thor is a ‘we’re going to have sex whether you say yes or nor, so you may as well say yes’ type.

    5. In what world is Eli Manning a pop culture hero?

      1. Seriously. Peyton Manning is by far the most marketable and popular QB in the NFL and he portrays a very masculine but humble and polite image.

        Being Alpha doesn’t automatically mean you’re an asshole or a braggart.

        1. Likewise, women swoon for Mike Rowe. No one’s swooning for PJs boy.

        2. Not exactly relevant, but from what I’ve heard, Eli is an asshole IRL. A friend of mine’s mom was helping with physicals for the NYG, and she said while most of the players were nice, Eli was a prick. This is third-hand information so take it for what it is.

          1. Could also have been a bad day.
            By comparison, Steve Jobs was a prick day in and day out, 25/7/365.

            1. Yes, he was a prick *25* hours each day.

              1. Just recently watched movie “Jobs”, and God what an asshole, if even half of it was true.

                Plus for you all in the know. IN the movie, it portrayed Jobs for coming up with GUI system. I thought both Apple and Microsoft borrowed it from Xerox.

                1. …”I thought both Apple and Microsoft borrowed it from Xerox.”

                  “Borrowed” isn’t the term I’d use but Xerox PARC never protected it, so have a ball!

                2. Yes, they did. Also, any statist asshole who claims the free market would not have come up with the Internets should be forced to watch Robert Cringely.

                  And then beaten by cops who detect furtive movement.

                3. I thought both Apple and Microsoft borrowed it from Xerox.

                  Yes, and I don’t think that was ever a big secret or conspiracy theory.

                  Steve Jobs in an interview more than a decade ago told the story about how he visited Xerox Parc, they showed him this fancy new mousy-interfacey thingy and he said “This is the future”. And it was the future.

                4. Well PARC got a lot of it from Englebart at SRI a decade earlier, so… *shrug*

                  1. It is why the scene piss me off so much. Jobs on the phone cursing at Gates for stealing muh software.

        3. Being Alpha doesn’t automatically mean you’re an asshole or a braggart.

          Never disturb the narrative. The borg doesn’t like it when you disturb the narrative.

        4. Yeah, they have no idea what alpha means, but to be fair, neither do most guys who call themselves alpha. That kid is more epsilon than beta.

    6. Beta schmeta. The correct term for Pajama Boy is “man-child”.

      “Boy”, actually.

      And, what do you know, it says it right there in the title.

    7. That’s up to schlubby Jonah Hill, who is down with their environmental awareness and fluid conception of sexuality.

      Yeah. Now if you asked a random woman watching that movie who they’d rather sleep with, are they going with Jonah Hill or Channing Tatum?

    8. “fluid conception of sexuality.”

      Hhm… The way I see it any “sexuality” that doesn’t get to “fluid” cannot reach “conception”.

      Was I supposed to read that differently? And why?

  27. “A transgendered model previously disqualified from participating in the Miss Universe competition for being born a man will feature in a photo spread for an upcoming issue of Elle Canada.”

    And that helps people to envision what the fashions look like on an actual woman, how?

    1. The people who run the fashion industry are largely gay men. Why do you think most fashion models are built like skinny teen boys?

      1. L. Ron Hubbard had the thesis that gay fashion designers were conspiring to dress women so hideously that men would gravitate away from them.

        1. Like many of his ideas, there’s perhaps a grain of truth, but on balance, he’s wrong again.

      2. I am aware of that and almost posted a comment on it. However, the customers of these fashions are biological women, so it would seem prudent to use actual women as models.

        1. She looks more feminine than I’m sure many of their customers do. I’m not sure what your point is, no models look like their customers.

          1. People in creative professions often work to impress one another, not to actually sell things for their clients and employers. Hence cutting-edge but uncomfortable buildings, awkward clothes, commercials that win awards but that don’t sell products, etc.

    2. “And that helps people to envision what the fashions look like on an actual woman, how?”

      If people wanted to see what clothes look like on an ‘actual’ woman, fashion rags would be out of business.

    3. I assume a number of transgendered people buy the latest fashions.

      1. And the percentage of the customer base is

    4. Huh? People look at models so that they can visualize fashions?

      My wife finds stuff in her crochet magazines she wants to make. She then shows them to me and asks me what I think. All I can see are the models. Have you ever seen the models in crochet mags? They are stunning. I have no idea what the crochet stuff looks like.

  28. Ohio Senate wants CPS to interview every child before allowing parents to home-school them.

    Because one boy died at the hands of his “home-schooling” mom’s boyfriend. Never let a good tragedy go to waste!

    1. neighbors, friends, family, police, teachers and others knew Teddy was suffering ongoing abuse.

      Didn’t ANYONE have the fucking brains to accuse someone in the house of selling teh drugz?

  29. BTW, SusanM found this and posted it in the Masshole O’care thread:…..00078.html
    Looks like in some cases, O’care provided the ‘you can’t go bankrupt from medical costs’ by simply bypassing bankruptcy and seizing property.
    I could be wrong; anybody?

  30. The NYT has its panties in a bunch. This is my surprised face.

    AnnMaineNYT Pick
    I have had it with reference to Second Amendment Rights. Perhaps it’s time for people who are so concerned with that to join the military. The argument is getting old, and I truly do not understand why people feel the need to own an assault type weapon.

    I grew up in a family of hunters. There were guns around all the time. Not once did children have access to them, nor did we want to. When a child was old enough, and if they wanted to,he/she was taught to hunt, care for and respect the gun. Gun, not weapon. It had a purpose and that was to take into the woods and hunt.

    We are no longer under the control of another country. The Revolutionary War took care of that. We now have a very strong military to take care of an invasion. We have police forces to uphold the law and protect us. That Sheriff, is what you were hired to do, so do it.

    We’re not occupied by a hostile government?

    1. …”We have police forces to uphold the law and protect us.”…

      Ann doesn’t have a dog, I see.

      1. Ann has obviously never called the police.

        1. ‘When seconds count….

    2. Steve SingerChicagoNYT Pick
      Not so very different from the refusal by local law enforcement to either follow the law or protect the civil rights of “coloreds” and “negroes” in the American South during the 1950s and ’60s after de jure racial segregation was declared unconstitutional by the Warren Supreme Court.

      Remember the defiant depredations of Sheriff “Bull” Connor and his ilk?

      Remember the mayhem that they either caused or turned a blind eye to?

      People forget.

      These modern day nullifiers, what they actually are, will ultimately be swept aside just like Sheriff Connor and similar Klu Klux Klan/White Citizens Council posses trying to maintain de facto racial segregation through violence and terror were. It will, however, take time, and possibly some bloodshed, to accomplish this.

      I bet you can’t wait for bloodshed, can you, Steve Singer? Those fucking teabagging neoconfederate racist nullifiers will finally get what they have coming to them.

      1. The left just loves to make that argument every single time somebody questions whether government is right. I get a similar one all the time when talking about jury nullification.

        1. You’d think that with Obama regularly nullifying and not enforcing laws, leftists would think twice before arguing against that sort of thing in principle.

      2. Poor Steve doesn’t have a Klu.

      3. I wonder what Steve-O would have to say about the states that refused to enforce the Fugitive Slave Acts?

      4. Hmmm I suspect things wont turn out the way Steve thinks they will.

      5. Damn it Warty that post contains toxic levels of irony. ‘Herp Derp government has done evil things it should disarm us Herp’.

    3. I truly do not understand why people feel the need to own an assault type weapon.

      Well, there you go. I believe you. You could have stopped right here.

      1. I don’t understand why women think they need so many shoes.

    4. PaulNorth CarolinaNYT Pick
      This is one of the problems with the stepwise, piecemeal approach to advancing gun control through legislation. To solve America’s gun violence problem, what is needed is a complete overhaul of the Second Amendment paradigm.

      We need to wrest the Second Amendment out of the irrational, deranged, obscene stranglehold of the NRA to restore order and public safety. I think a constitutional amendment modifying the Second Amendment to make it more suited to the 21st century is needed now that democracy is well-established and our revolution is over. The Second Amendment made sense in the context of a nation that had just thrown off the bonds of tyranny and was in an uncertain early stage of a newly formed, never before tried government. Today we resolve our disputes through the democratic process, no matter how ugly and inefficient. We have well-established protocols for the transfer of power while maintaining a stable democracy. Therefore, we don’t need a “well-regulated militia” of armed private citizens to ensure it.

      The Second Amendment doesn’t need to be repealed, but it definitely needs to be changed to reflect the legitimate vs. illegitimate reasons for gun ownership TODAY, not the late 18th century. It took more than 40 years from the start of the women’s suffrage movement until the 19th Amendment was passed. Changing America’s gun culture will also probably take generations.

      1. Just like the NSA has a few suggestions for “updating” the First and Fourth Amendments for the 21st century.

      2. They would shit their pants, if the clarification went the other way. With so many states that are controlled by Republicans(38 I believe), amendments can be had. How many states would be needed for 3/4 majority?

        1. Like I said above, this confrontation they want so badly to force everyone into complying with their demands wont turn out like they think.

      3. The willful misunderstanding of the intent of the 2nd amendment by these types never ceases to amaze me. Even when they say the 2nd has a place, they still only see in the context of serving the country in a war. It’s as though they have no concept of self-defense against the state or other criminals.

        1. “We are no longer under the control of another country. ”

          That is from AnnMaine above. What she misses is that when the revolution began we were not under the control of another country. The government we rebelled against was the legitimate government by our own countrymen. That is why it is called ‘revolution’.

          It is beyond her that it may come to that again, and that that is the very purpose of the second amendment.

          1. The unarmed blacks in S. Africa weren’t under the control of another country either. How did that work out for them?

        2. It’s as though they have no concept of self-defense against the state or other criminals.

          My wife is basically defenseless without a gun. They would leave my wife to the mercy of the stronger. Hell, in many cases, they would leave me powerless to defend myself. I mean, do even guns stop Warty when he is in full rut?

      4. Why do they think tyranny cannot happen here?


    5. brmidwestNYT Pick
      Yes, sheriffs should be enforcing the laws, but they are also raising good points here. How does a cop know whether a magazine was purchased before or after a ban with a grandfather clause went into effect? How do you arrest someone for carrying a concealed firearm when the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently ruled that carrying a firearm is a Constitutional right?

      There is only one way to end this madness: Repeal the Second Amendment. Unless and until that happens, any attempt to control firearms is doomed to failure.

      1. Most progressives can’t handle he inherent truth of that statement, so they take refuge in delusions.

      2. If they repealed the 2nd, is when I get my first gun. Actual implementation of confiscating fire arms would be shit storm.

      3. At least that one is intellectually honest. I’d be more than happy to get in a shooting conflict with people like this, but it’s not any of the half-assed “I still support the 2nd Amendment with modifications” fakery.

        “SUBMIT TO THE STATE OR GET FUCKED!!” That’s an unequivocal principle I can respect, even if I know that if it has to come down to him or me, he’s going down like a dress on prom night.

    6. “Perhaps it’s time for people who are so concerned with that to join the military”

      So if I’ve already checked that box or are part of the militia (males age 18-45, up to 60 for veterans) then I believe I should be able to keep a weapon similar to the one they trained me with.

  31. From Reuters – a woman in Israel, with the support of the Israeli Justice Department’s Legal Aid department, goes to the Supreme Court to challenge a rabbinical tribunal’s order. The rabbis, in the contect of a divorce case, told her to circumcize her son. She claims the rabbis lack jurisDICKtion. (Oops)

    1. Don’t forget to tip your waitress…

      1. I see what you did there.

        AND I DON’T LIKE IT!

  32. Hey

    What’d I miss today?

    1. …he asks, right below a burgeoning circumcision thread.

  33. I enjoyed the new hobbit film.

    There, I said it.

    1. The one starring Kim Kardashian?

      1. I don’t think it’s her. Are you making a jest?

      2. Bitch, why you not a Hobbit?

    2. Good. I watched the first one, and it was kind of meh, but then again I enjoyed the 2nd Lord of Rings movie, better than the first.

      1. The second Hobbit is also kind of meh. It’s kind of entertaining, but it’s definitely a step down from the Lord of the Rings movies.

        1. Yes, but it has dragons, which Game of Thrones has been promising forever. All they do is rub their wieners together.

        2. Yes, but it has dragons, which Game of Thrones has been promising forever. All they do is rub their wieners together.

          1. Don’t worry, the dragons are coming.

        3. It’s hard to make the stakes feel high when we know what’s going to happen in the Lord of the Rings.

  34. Here’s some statist butthurt over BitCoin from Charlie Stross.…..hould.html

    Bitcoin is bad because carbon footprint, lack of regulation leading to ‘hideous’ markets, and damage to the fabric of civil society!

    1. Progressives hate progress. Imagine that.

      1. I’ve said it before-they should be afraid. Cryptocurrency is going to fuck up their world. It will do for economic statism what the 2A movement has done for gun control in the past quarter century, times a hundred. There entire paradigm is going to get trashed.

  35. I am surprised that the New Mexico Supreme Court, in striking down the sex restriction on marriage, did not cite the state constitution’s own ERA.

  36. These dudes seem to know whats up.

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