Obama Administration Most Transparent in History, More Than One of Three Americans Believe: Who Are These People?

37 percent


through a mirror darkly
White House

In Stephen Colbert's (in)famous roast of President Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner, the comedian compared the president's approval ratings, in the 30s, to a glass half (or rather two-thirds) empty, pointing out that "the last third is usually backwash."  So maybe, then, the 37 percent of Americans that still believe Obama's claim that this is the "most transparent administration in history" are mostly backwash.

The claim, after all, is patently untrue. The administration's aggressive pursuit of whistleblowers (they've prosecuted more than twice the number of people for government leaks than all previous administrations combined) contradicts the transparency claim. The fact that Obama says he welcomes the debate ignited by Edward Snowden's revelations about the NSA, and was going to do it anyway, even as that leaker is a fugitive contradicts the transparency claim. Reporting from Reason contradicts the transparency claim.

Presidents lie. That oft-repeated, rarely-heeded, truism has been used to defend some of President Obama's other lies. CNN's LZ Granderson, for example, dismissed the president's broken promise about keeping your health plan (which PolitiFact belatedly declared the lie of the year this year) as just something presidents "have" to do sometimes. Other Obama apologists objected to Granderson's claim; the president wasn't lying. They say, and some of them must actually believe, that it's not a lie because the plans being dropped aren't the "same" plans people had when the promise was made, even though they've had continuous coverage from then until their plan was dropped due to Obamacare. The transparency lie is much harder to delude yourself into believing. Yet apparently 37 percent of Americans manage to do so, or are just clueless. It's as good a reason as any to donate to Reason, which is on the front lines of exposing this and other lies, from politicians on both sides of the aisle, so that the voting public might be better informed about the people trying to manipulate and mislead them.

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  1. They’re transparently authoritarian.

  2. Well, there are other meanings for the word “transparent.” For instance,

    4. easily seen through, recognized, or detected: transparent excuses.
    5. manifest; obvious: a story with a transparent plot.

  3. They say, and some of them must actually believe, that it’s not a lie…

    …when it’s their guy doing it.

    (which applies equally to both parties)

  4. 30% of respondents agreed with the following statement:

    The Obama Administration [something positive].

  5. Hmmmm. I am not going to sugarcoat it. I am starting to think there is a possibility that polls are bullshit.

  6. Who Are These People?

    Shriek, Tony, Alice Bowie…

    1. One of these is not like the other. Alice is not that bad.

      1. “Alice is not that bad.”

        Uh, well, that’s slicing things a bit thin.

  7. not a lie because the plans being dropped aren’t the “same” plans people had when the promise was made

    Almost as good as Slick Willie parsing the meaning of ‘is’.

    1. Personally I think anyone who can talk his way out of trouble having been caught in a blowjob with someone less than half his age, and do this in front of a billion people, is a genius.

  8. Transparently cynical.

  9. Most in the media seems to believe the White House should let them know everything that goes on, from what’s on the food menu to a menu of the missions the Navy Seals have upcoming. I honestly believe American citizens should have the right to know certain things our government is doing that affect our lives. The government shouldn’t be gathering data on any American citizens unless, they have probable cause he/she are participating in criminal activities; that’s the law, and doing so is breaking the law.

    If the media would have known about our government’s planning to raid and capture, or kill Osama bin Laden, there’s a good bet Osama bin Laden would still be alive. My question is this, what is this obsession with people believing they have the right to know everything the government is doing; no matter what?

    When it comes down to it, the vast majority of these people complaining about the government gathering their personal business has nothing more than a facebook account with nothing but garbage on it, and a bank account with a zero dollar balance. A thief would be in the red participating in identity theft with their identification.

    1. “government’s just a word for the things we choose to do together”

    2. “Most in the media seems to believe the White House should let them know everything that goes on, from what’s on the food menu …”

      Reminds me of the media, posting a picture of Bush carrying a tray with a cooked turkey for the troops during Thanksgiving, and writing about whether the bird was a fake.

      For the liberal media, they gin up controversies with supposed conservatives (Bush not being one) and ignore real ones with Democrats and especially Obama. It wasn’t until Obama’s lie was completely indefensible, that they called Obama’s “You can keep your healthplan period.” a lie. Politifact called it true a few years ago, then called it partly true, and finally gave it the lie of the year, showing their cheerleading for Obama while he was running for re-election and to pass the bill. Now they strive for credibility, just like Obama. And rightly so.

  10. Some times man you jsut have to roll with it.

  11. Part 1
    Who are the people who believe Obama isn’t lying? That his administration is the most transparent in history.


    They’re all women. Every single one. Even the men who believe it are women. They’re not XY. They’re XXy.

    Who else believes Obama? Minorities. Blacks mostly. Some hispanics.

    I don’t know a single white, hetero-sexual male who supports Obama, unless he’s making them money. Think you do? Check again. The person you’re thinking about is probably queer. Or a woman disguised as a man.

    Who is Obama’s last remaining core constituency?

    Black women.

    Why? I don’t know. Maybe they’re just stupid. When it comes to politics and fiscal policy, women are dumber than dirt. And black women aren’t as educated on average as white women. So it could be just that they’re stupid beyond redemption.

  12. Part 2

    I think there’s an element of Bill Clinton. Women supported him too. You’d think they’d shout down a lying philanderer? but no. When Bill stepped out on Hillary, that was cool. Cool. ’cause maybe when he did it, you could be the “lucky” woman to schtupp the prez.

    I think it’s because women have fantasies about having sex with the president, and Clinton was an odd-on favorite to be available. And so maybe it’s the same with black women. Now they’ve got a black president to fantasize about, a “playa”, no one should expect them to actually think. They’re not very good at that anyway – so who is really surprised? They just want the president to screw them. Some more. I mean, in addition to Obamacare and the bank and mortgage company bailouts and all that stuff. Like the kind of stuff that makes Michelle mad. Besides, this dude is BAD. He wants to bomb some country, like Libya? He don’t ask no freaking CONGRESS for permission. He just DO it!

    My Obama fantasies don’t have anything to do with sex. But he’s screwing me. Don’t laugh. He’s screwing YOU too! Unless you’re rich and work in the war biz or at a bank or mortgage company or one of those hand-picked “green” companies that are failing faster than he can gift their management with platinum parachutes or his wife went to college with you, you are f**ked, buddy.

    Gotta go. Have to buy stock in KY Jelly. If Obama’s going to be around for 3 more years, we’re going to need a lot of it, America.

  13. George: Remember Jerry, it’s not a lie, if _you_ believe it.

  14. I am morally obligated to lie to you. Otherwise, I couldn’t do all the things for you that you obviously need to have done.

  15. Who are these people?

    Why, that would be the people who use government to fatten their wallets. They support Obama’s lying to steal more for them. Thus, they support him, not in spite of his lying, but because of it.

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