Mike Huckabee May Be Prepping to Run for President Again

Folksy, big-government, religious conservatives take note


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Mike Huckabee had wrapped up his speech Thursday night to an audience of politically active pastors and turned to questions. The first one came from a woman near the front: "Are you running?"

As the room erupted in whoops and applause, the former Arkansas governor smiled and said, "The Lord knows, but he's not telling just yet."

God is not the only one with whom Huckabee is having quiet conversations these days about the idea of making another run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Over the past three months or so, Huckabee has been sounding out activists and potential financial supporters, as well as mulling whether his cheerful brand of socially conservative populism could bring together his fractured party and restore the country's faith in Republicanism.