Tonight, on The Independents: Budget Deal, GM Bailout, Organ Sales, Uruguay Legalization, and Nelson Mandela's Economics


They airbrushed by afro. |||

Tonight at 9 pm Eastern, your favorite new cable news show, Fox Business Network's The Independentswill dicuss the hot-off-the-presses bipartisan budget deal hammered out between Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) and Rep. Patty Murray (D-Washington), and whether increasing federal spending by $45 billion is worth the pain-avoidance of not having budget or debt ceiling fights for a while.

Also on tap: How's that GM bailout looking now? Uruguay becomes the first country in the 21st century to legalize marijuana! What does Steve Jobs's preferential liver treatment tell us about the ethics of organ markets? And if Obama shaking hands with a Castro is like Chamberlain pressing the flesh with Hitler, what do we get to call the historic McCain-Qaddafi tent-party?

All this and more, with your hostess with the mostest Kennedy,  plus Matt Welch and Kmele Foster, in addition to a buncha fabulous guests. 

Hit up The Independents website for some video from last night's debut broadcast; heckle us live on Twitter @IndependentsFBN (we'll read out a few), follow us on Facebook, and consider this your open thread!