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Don't go all complacent on us now, o Hit & Run faithful! That big donation yesterday was a challenge, not an excuse to take a long nap off a short pier. Our original goal in this year's annual webathon—in which we ask the irascible assembled to help fund another year of kickass libertarian journalism and commentary—was $100,000; then we got that $50,000 bump, so we changed the goal to $150,000, and now we're…THIS JUST IN: We have inched above the $100,000 line (including at least 1.87 Bitcoin!), thanks to 300 donors and counting. I just knew you wouldn't punish us for being greedy!

Need a raison d'Reason? How about this fancy new TV show? Or this recent testimonial and conversation on an existing TV show on the same network?

Or if you prefer, this exchange between Nick Gillespie and Rachel Maddow:

We're out there wherever they'll have us, keeping people on their toes with incisive and/or just plain weird arguments that champion Free Minds and Free Markets. Help us get more libertarian viewpoints out there in the public arena! Let's get that orange all the way up to $150,000! (We promise, no more jacking it northward.) Won't you please donate to Reason right the hell now?  

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  1. Tell ya what Matt…ya get rid of the Taboola shit and I’ll donate $100.


      1. Taboola? I barely know ya!

      2. Is it wrong that I have no idea what this Taboola nonsense is?

    2. I already donated $100 and will throw in another 100 to get rid of Taboola.

    3. Already donated $100, will donate .1 BTC and an empty bottle to get rid of Taboola.

    4. Already donated $100, will donate .1 BTC and an empty bottle to get rid of Taboola.

    5. I’ll donate $101 to keep Taboola, because I enjoy the tears of non-Adblock-users.

    6. I too am curious about Taboola, I only see the Newsmax headlines.

      1. Me too. I’m not really sure what the reason is, but I’m thinking it has to do with our innate superiority.

        1. I have an ad blocking hosts file from MVPS.org on both my home and work computers.

          But I like innate superiority better.

          1. Sigh, so wait there’s an inner and outer party to the LH conspiracy?

    7. Bring back the carpet humping guy!!!

  2. This is a 50/50 raffle, right?

  3. Reposted from AM Links:

    This seems like as good a time as any to remind my fellow federal employees to kick some money towards Reason via the CFC. Doing it this way has several advantages:
    1) It makes your boss think you’re helping the team meet its CFC goals
    2) The money pretty much goes directly to Reason anyway
    3) By designating Reason for your contribution you drag along a portion of the undesignated contributions. All those bake sales and silent auctions suddenly become miniature Reason fundraisers – and you have to appreciate the irony of that.

    1. Chlorofluorocarbons? Cash for Clunkers? Oh, this one has to be it: Combined Federal Campaign?

      1. It’s not supposed to make sense unless you already know.

  4. Already donated $100, will donate .1 BTC and a half empty bottle to not only keep Taboola ads but to make them threaded.

  5. I’m broke. But my Facebook is clogged with shares from Hit & Run. That counts for something, right?

  6. Fist of Etiquette|12.6.13 @ 7:49PM|#

    Already donated $100, will donate .1 BTC and a half empty bottle to not only keep Taboola ads but to make them threaded.

    What is this? 2009?

    1. You’ve already threaded. You’ve even double post threaded. There’s no going back for you now.

  7. You know who else increased their funding goal after getting a surprising monetary turnout?

    1. I hope you cleaned up your yard this week, because google took new aerial pictures of our area this morning.

      1. The backyard looks nice, the front yard is still mostly dead. Had I known I would’ve put a car on blocks on the lawn to complete the ensemble.

        1. It was too cold for me to sit in an inflatable pool naked this morning. Maybe next time.

          1. How did you know it was going to happen? I would’ve watered the lawn for a few weeks beforehand (or just spray painted it green) had I known.

            1. I flew in this morning and the pilot pointed the plane out…

        2. Maybe they didn’t get a chance to do a pass over your house yet, as it got cloudy all of a sudden. You can check here:

          It is set to playback at 2000 hrs UTC on 12/6/13.

          The plane’s tail number is N331AR

        3. After perusing Google Street View all over the world, I think there’s at least three things people might want to do if they knew Google was coming: Haul away the trash, paint the house and put clothes on the kids.

          1. This is one of the advantages of having a 1000-foot long driveway: Giggle Street View can’t see the house. (And they haven’t done the dead-end road I live on anyway.)

    2. The correct answer was Linda Walther Trado (aka KillerMartinis)

      And so I am raising the cap to $100,000, and if this insanity doesn’t stop and we get there, I will make it $150K. I will keep raising it by unthinkable amounts until it stops.

      My disappointment in you all is boundless.

      1. What.

        I too am disappointed, but for another reason.

  8. You know, you are just playing right into the hands of the leftie jokers jokes about throwing fund raisers for stuff they don’t like.

  9. Alright, which one of you chucklefucks put up that video that calls Rachel Maddow a rabid raccoon?

    1. Why, thinking of donating $100 to them if they never accept Taboola ads?

  10. Slate: How did Jameis Winston evade a rape charge?

    The underlying question about Winston, his accuser, and Meggs’ decision is this: Did she lie, or did she make an accusation of rape that is credible but too difficult, in the view of this prosecutor, to prove in court? One thing is clear: It is uncommon for victims to make false accusations of sexual assault. Yes, it happens, causing terrible damage for men who are falsely accused. But the evidence suggests that the vast majority of the time, women who go to the police about rape are telling the truth.

    So if we railroad Winston, eh, the odds are he was guilty of something.

    1. Reading through the police narrative of this alleged victim’s account, it is hard for me to imagine that she had consensual sex with Winston and then decided to lie and say it was rape. It’s not easy to call the cops and say, as she did, after explaining she was out drinking at a bar with friends, that “next thing I know I was in the back of a taxi with a random guy that I have never met. There was another person in the taxi. We went to an apartment, I don’t know where it was. I kept telling him to stop but he took all my clothes off. He started having sex with me and then his roommate came in and told him to stop. He moved us to the bathroom ‘because the door locked’ and I’m not 100% sure how everything in there happened.” She also said, according to the warrant, that after the drinks she had at the bar, her “memory is very broken from that point forward.”

      She wasn’t anywhere close to being blackout drunk. Her BAC effectively impeaches her own testimony regarding how much she claimed she drank.

      So either she’s a liar or a very unreliable witness. But again, Winston the Jock must have done something because feelsss!!!

      1. I’ve posted this before:
        One of the many reasons why he wasn’t prosecuted.

      2. I didn’t follow this other than what got posted on EPSN’s Bottom Line. But, it struck me as a kind of win/win for progressive think. If Winston wasn’t charged then another female victim of male aggression has been denied justice. If Winston was charged, then it would be an example of a young black man being railroaded by a racist justice system.

    2. But the evidence suggests that the vast majority of the time, women who go to the police about rape are telling the truth.

      I would love for them to put up a cite proving this.

      How could they possibly know that? People lie about other crimes all the time. Why is sexual assault somehow a magical crime that hardly anyone lies about?

      They have no evidence to prove this. They just say it over and over again and pretend it’s true.

      1. HOLY FUCK! It gets even better. The sentence about how rare it is for people to lie about sexual assault leads to another Slate article. That other Slate article says this:

        In her book, Brownmiller said that only 2 percent of rape allegations are false, citing findings by the female police in a New York City rape squad. The problem is that while this statistic has been widely repeated, with dutiful mentions of New York-based “research,” no one has ever tracked down its source. This we learned from a comprehensive review of the literature on false rape charges published in the Cambridge Law Journal in 2006. The author, Philip Rumney, finds a couple of small studies that back up the 2 percent claim but isn’t confident of their methodology.

        Okay. So that doesn’t show that the number is low, it shows that some studies that are methodologically suspect claim it’s low.

        What else does the article say?

        Law enforcement agencies indicated that about 8% of forcible rapes reported to them were determined to be unfounded and were excluded from the count of crimes.”

        In other words, we can PROVE that 8% are false. The real number could be much higher. At the very least the number is around 10%, which would mean that there’s at least a 1/10 chance Jameis Winston was being set up.

        Why are liberals so intent on throwing a black man in jail when there’s no evidence he committed a crime?

        1. Why are liberals so intent on throwing a black man in jail when there’s no evidence he committed a crime?

          Because of the narrative. Winston may be black, but college football is a white, patriarchal system that facilitates jock culture, which in turn facilitates rape culture.

          So on the scales of aggrieved victimhood, Winston’s blackness does not outweigh the double whammy of jock privilege and rape culture.

        2. Because he’s a successful jock, and they’re insecure, unsuccessful rage-filled harpies fueled by envy and jealousy?

    3. If we grant that only a small % age of criminal defendants are guilty, given the number of accusations thats still a buttload of innocent people. even if they all went to trial with great, well-paid lawyers, some innocent people would be found guilty. Given the variable quality of defense lawyers, and the fact that most trials are actually negotiating sessions between defense and prosecution, ending up with a guilty plea, and you have probably got a heck of a lot of innocent people in prison. In the case of rape, imagine the defendant protesting to his lawyer that the sex was consensual, and the lawyer saying “yeah, yeah, but if the jury believes the woman’s story you will get a much stiffer sentence than the prosecutor is offering, so I suggest you just take the deal.”

      1. If we grant that only a small number of criminal defendants are innocent, etc.

      2. Given the variable quality of defense lawyers

        Another reason for single-payer legal assistance. If the market can’t provide uniform quality, we need the state to step in and ensure the quality of everyone’s legal service is similarly poor.

    4. It is uncommon for victims to make false accusations of sexual assault.

      Actually, it’s impossible. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be victims.

      1. Well caught. There seems to be a steady decline in the ability of public writers to actually write technically correct prose.

        1. In their defense, writing alleged victim every time would be evidence of rape culture in the news room.

          1. Heh, heh, heh.

          2. Have you ever been in a news room?

            Kind of like a rape dungeon.

            1. So, Warty hangs out in the news room?

  11. New Zealander enlists internet to help find American love connection, feminist outraged

    Last year, 25-year-old New Zealander Reese McKee was celebrating New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong when he happened upon an American woman crying alone on the side of the road. He told her jokes. She laughed. They drank. They danced. They reconnected with the friends she had lost earlier in the evening. Then, they parted ways at 6 a.m. But not before this sad, attractive mystery woman left Reese with two fateful words: “Find me.
    Perhaps Reese will never find Katie. Perhaps that is because Katie does not want to be found. I don’t know Katie, but I do know that when a woman hangs out with a dude for an evening, coughs up fragments of her email address, then tells him, “find me,” what she often means is: “Do not find me.”

    But this isn’t just about Katie, or Reese. It’s about all of us concocting a real-life Love Actually plot in the service of facilitating some guy’s international womanhunt. If Reese had just been like, “I am looking to hunt down a woman. All I have is her name, general location, and this photograph she never consented to be blasted across the Internet,” we would all probably be like, “Dude?leave Katie alone.”

    1. All I have is her name, general location, and this photograph she never consented to be blasted across the Internet,”

      What, he couldn’t find her with Facebook Graph search. What a weenie.

      1. What if she doesn’t have Facebook?

        1. Mid-twenties and a flare for the dramatic?

          Not only does this woman have facebook, but she hasn’t locked down her privacy settings.

          Now because of the article web searches using those details will be crowded out by noise.

          He might also scan that photo and do a reverse image search. Although again there’ll be noise now.

    2. Time out. Are feminists seriously now arguing that women don’t know what they want and that when they say a clear statement (Find Me!) we should actually ignore them?

      Feminist logic is so twisted up in knots at this point that I don’t even know what I’m looking at.

      1. It’s the ages-old debate between “You know you want it” and “Go ahead, get at me.”

        She knows whether she wants it, and to insist that you suspect she wants it is a bridge too far. Ah, but if you reinforce your vulgar prose with the suggestion that she dominate you…

        well, if you do all that you’ve got an incomprehensibly popular song that aggrieves the permanently aggrieved.

    3. JNC1990 1 hour ago
      So what you’re saying, Amanda, is that women are expected to say stuff like “find me” when they really mean the opposite? Is that what you do to men? Because if that’s the case, you’re not a woman. You’re a girl. Women say what they mean.

      ^^^^ This times infinity.

      1. No means Yes

        1. No means meow.

        2. Or in this case, for the feminists, yes means no.

  12. ABC doesn’t give the biased background of “expert” who criticized the HHS mandate – the expert scoffed in another forum that you don’t see Exxon sitting next to you at church, so how can Korprashunz have religious-freedom rights?


    1. Buff.ly/18ebKpl

        1. Heck, its LifeNews.com, and the headline begins, ABC awarns Viewers, sheesh.

            1. If I were trying to conceal that the source was life news, I would not have said, quote, its LifeNews.com, unquote. The shortened address was from my twitter feed, or so I thought.

              1. Ah I thought you were just giving up at that point. People tend not to like blind links.

  13. Bitcoin rollercoaster is insane tonight.

    Trades between 660 and 770 in about a minute. Not a whole lot for sale, and it looks like a lot of people trying to bargains.


  15. Manitoba couple blows bubbles in -45 degree weather

    I just linked for the accents.

    1. THat’s a Good Rural Manitoba accent.

    2. Sounds like Robin Sparkles. Just knowing that they make a thermometer on that scale is depressing.

    3. I’m told Manitoba is Heaven where the prairie crocus grows.

  16. Someone on facebook just trolled their newsfeed:

    “I wish Bush could run for a 3rd term”

    Any witty rejoinders?

    1. He’s on his forth term and he’s steadily gotten worse.

  17. OK, recommendations on PHD digital cameras? Shooting party groups, in- and out-door, need battery life.

    1. I don’t even know what PHD means, so I’m out.

      1. Professional/Heavy Duty if my googling is right.

        1. I guess I’m just an asshole with a D80 and 10,000 pictures of my kids, then.

          1. Eh, better than my T3i. I nearly got a nice full frame D6 which Amazon currently has for $400+ off, but I just don’t feel like replacing my lenses when I know I’m going to end up with a mirrorless camera in a few years anyway.

            1. Did you see if google memorialized your shabby lawn yet?

              1. Well the front lawn is indeed brown, and it was taken late enough in the afternoon that our very nice back yard is completely in shadow. I can’t tell if the second car in the driveway is my roommate’s meaning it’s not today or my neighbor’s new car, which would make today a possibility.

                In 2008, (before I moved in) the lawn looked identical, so I don’t feel too bad.

            2. Damn you guys. Now I’m jonesin for a DSLR.

    2. Sorry:
      PHD = push here, dummy. Point and shoot.

      1. Oh, I call that waiter mode…

        1. When I was in Yosemite a couple offered to take a picture of my friend and I. The wife had the exact same body but a different lens than I did, so I figured they’d be able to handle it. There’s a picture with the rocks behind us in sharp focus and me and my friend completely blurred out as a result.

          1. Haven’t you heard? Some people don’t like taking pictures of the gayz.

      2. How much optical zoom do you want/need? I really liked my Panasonic Lumix series cameras, but they’re a little more demanding than a simple point and shoot. From personal experience I’d say the Sony Cybershot series gave me the best results with the least amount of effort or know-how. Or go for a phone with a decent camera in it: Galaxy Camera, or even just a current gen iPhone will usually take great pictures for digital viewing.

        1. jesse.in.mb|12.6.13 @ 10:08PM|#
          “How much optical zoom do you want/need?”

          Think year-book shots. A person, 5 people; zoom enough to do that inside a room, image quality to end up on a web site.
          It’s a gift; the person getting it finds the phone not quite good enough. Has a pocket Nikon that’s on it’s last legs.

          1. Sounds like you are in Coolpix territory. What is your budget?

            1. “Sounds like you are in Coolpix territory. What is your budget?”

              If it fits in a pocket (no OMG lenses), I can prolly swing it. Does one have better battery life than others?

              1. This is beyond my scope. I carry a DSLR and carry multiple batteries just in case.

                1. Not surprised. Folks who know about really good ones aren’t too interested in the amateur stuff. Just hoping someone has poked through it.
                  As regards cameras, I’m even amateur enough to know.

                  1. I’m even TOO amateur enough to know.
                    WIH’s the edit tab?

  18. Vaginal Knitting. (NSFW)


    “Actually miss, I can do without a sweater that smells like fish.”

    1. When I’m menstruating, it makes knitting a hell of a lot harder, because the wool is wet, so I have to, kinda, yank at it. It’s, sort of, slightly uncomfortable sometimes, arousing sometimes.

      Thank you Warrren. You’ve made my night.

      1. No problem. It’s the giving season.

    2. It’s time for jug wine! If she died of toxic shock, would this world be better off?

      1. No alcohol for me since Thanksgiving as I’ve been having equilibrium problems and don’t want to make walking harder than it already is.

        1. Are you chewing gum at the same time?

          Maybe jug wine broke your brain. As a NorCalian, you should check out Russian River Brewery instead…

          1. Not my part of nORCal, but I’ll look for the label.

            1. What is your part?

              1. Getaway driver.

                1. I mean where do you reside? Hopefully not too close to the worst place in the universe, Berkeley.

                  1. The North Valley.

                    1. So you are a politician in Sacramento. Got it.

                    2. You will taste my rage fury!

      1. Aroused speechless or disgusted speechless?

        1. I’m ashamed to say, a little of both. I was slightly aroused until it got to the menstruation part.

          1. Bloody ell!

    3. adding anything would take away everything.

  19. I suppose I could have given the $37,000 I just spent today on a 308 GTB to Reason, but fuck it, I wanted a Ferrari.

    1. $37K? Figure about the same for mechanical work this coming year. Find a mechanic who’ll at least send you Christmas cards.

      1. They don’t cost that much to maintain, besides, I’m doing the maintenance myself. 308s are pretty well known for being the easiest Ferraris to maintain, almost everything besides full rebuilds can be done engine in.

        The guy who I bought it from was the original owner and only had it serviced at stealerships and his total bills over 37 years of ownership didn’t come to $30,000.

          1. Was his name Robin Masters?

            Ha. Nope. This is a Euro-spec GTB (hard-top coupe), the cars in the show were all American market GTSs. Magnum, P.I. is the reason I love the 308 so much; however, I have no use for a convertible (well, I have no use for a Ferrari either, I just don’t like drop-tops).

            It is Ferrari red with a tan interior, just like Robin 1.

              1. So Higgins was Masters, right?

                1. That was the consensus at the end, but I watched an early episode on Encore the other night and Magnum said he spoke with Robin on the phone. I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have recognized Higgins’ voice.

                  I think that notion was something the series grew into over time.


        1. Redmanfms|12.6.13 @ 10:26PM|#
          “They don’t cost that much to maintain, besides, I’m doing the maintenance myself.”

          I’m prolly out of line here; I wrenched Columbo 12s. But when the 308s came out, the claim was keeping a carb’d car under the emission limits took a lot of tuning time. And once they got some cylinder wear, it got ‘way worse.
          I gotta ask, can you get to the front exhaust cam to set clearances? Miuras were guaranteed to be out of spec.

          1. I’m not worried about emissions honestly, not in a state that checks it and it will be running antique tags. I do have a friend who was a Ferrari tech. in a past life and he has a lot of time working on Weber carbs (which I don’t), so I’ll probably be deferring to him and the internet.

            The cams/cambelts, even the front one, are pretty easy to reach (at least for me), and is made even easier if the car is lifted and the right rear tire is removed. Both the belts and the cam gears looked new. The only thing that concerns me are the cam gears, they are made out of the kind of chinsy, shitty plastic fake Tupperware is made of and if one of them goes…. I just figure I’ll give them a good look see whenever I change the oil.

            I’ve never actually wrenched on a Ferrari so it’s going to be a learning curve to be sure, but I’m fairly confident in my mechanical abilities.

            I wrenched Columbo 12s

            Flats? I’m guessing ‘rossas? I’ve only seen into the engine compartment on a Testarossa once and it looked like a gigantic pain in the ass. I presume actually reaching the belts required an engine removal.

            1. “Flats? I’m guessing ‘rossas? I’ve only seen into the engine compartment on a Testarossa once and it looked like a gigantic pain in the ass. I presume actually reaching the belts required an engine removal.”

              I’m an old fart; 250s, 275s, 330s. V-12s. The cams were driven by triple-wide roller chain. NEVER had a problem with that. Keeping the ignition spot-on with the two sets of points in the two distributors was a chore.
              If you were good, you could get a nickle to balance on edge on top of the air cleaner at idle. I did. Once.

  20. “Sen. Rand Paul, a pro-life Republican from Kentucky, says he will run for president in 2016 on one condition: his wife has to sign off on it. The problem? Mrs. Paul is a definitely no, at least at this point.”


    1. I wonder if she’s ever signed off on anal.

    2. Love her fish sticks?

          1. I do love fishsticks!

            1. So, you’re a gay fish?

  21. We like to have a lot of laughs here at Hit&Run; but Lindy West is here to tell us what’s not funny: fat shaming

    Fast food workers in 100 cities went on strike yesterday, agitating for a $15 minimum wage and the right to unionize. It’s the latest move in a series of protests that have grown and gained momentum over the past year?a brave, necessary, and unequivocal clarion call for the dignity and humanity of America’s low-wage workers. More importantly, though, it’s also a plum opportunity to remind fat people how gross they are! (JK, fat people don’t eat plums!!!!!)
    It might be possible to survive on $7.25 an hour, but it’s just that: survival. A responsible, humane nation should want more than basic survival?survival without healthcare, without leisure, without upward mobility?for its populace. But rather than take the opportunity to rally around that inspiring notion, many Americans have chosen to use the fast food workers’ strike as the set-up to a punchline about fat people’s giant butts. In other words, their immediate response to a major humanitarian action is to spitefully dehumanize a different (and intersecting) group of American humans.

    The same thing happened during the Paula Deen scandal, just like it happened during the Chick-fil-A boycott. Americans, it seems, cannot wait to set actual atrocities aside and scapegoat fat people for sport.

    1. Stupid fatties!

    2. …”a brave, necessary, and unequivocal clarion call for the dignity and humanity of America’s low-wage workers.”…

      A comment worthy of embarrassment for anyone with an IQ in triple digits.

    3. “Americans, it seems, cannot wait to set actual atrocities aside and scapegoat fat people for sport.”

      Well, she figured me out. First thing I think of when I see an atrocity is, “what fat person caused this?”

      1. You too?

      2. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes. Caused by global warming? No, it’s OBESITY. You could probably do a whole line of spoof videos mocking the “global warming causes all natural disasters” sentiment.

    4. It might be possible to survive on $7.25 an hour, but it’s just that: survival. A responsible, humane nation should want more than basic survival?survival without healthcare, without leisure, without upward mobility?for its populace.

      At this point, I take liberal economic thought about as seriously as I take creationism.

      Honestly, is the attempt to just do away with the laws of supply and demand or to magic poverty away with the mystic power of government really any more ridiculous than the total denial of evidence of evolution?

      It’s pretty much on the same plane, and I think we should start mocking liberals who talk like this in the same way we’d mock a creationist museum.

      1. You know, I hope they are really successful and get everything they want and more. Let’s make the minimum wage $20/hr. and then let’s be shocked when ordering at McDonald’s is done on a touch screen, teens can’t get jobs and the remaining McDonald’s workers all have BAs.

        1. They’ll just claim that evil business owners are conspiring to keep a vast pool of unemployed workers in order to drive down wages.

    5. It’s the latest move in a series of protests that have grown and gained momentum over the past year?a brave, necessary, and unequivocal clarion call for the dignity and humanity of America’s low-wage workers.

      You cannot derive dignity or humanity from external conditions; they are intrinsic to the person. A penniless Jew who immigrated to the US to build a business of his own does not gain or lose any of his dignity on account of his life’s current circumstances. Just as being a “victim” should be a temporary (rather than defining) element of a person’s existence, wealth is a transient (and often peripheral) attribute. If there is anything wrong with socio-political culture in the US — left and right — it is this idea that resources or lifestyle confer dignity and value upon the individual. It is a pathetic and disgusting bit of political narcissism to pretend that we have the power to bestow humanity and dignity upon people by raising their wage by ~$3/hr, or any arbitrary sum of money.

  22. Okay, it’s so fucking cold that my digital thermometer just went tits up. Last I saw was -22. Now it just says OF.L. I assume OF.L means it’s SO fucking cold that we didn’t even consider that anyone might actually live in a place where it can get colder than -22…so fuck you.

    1. Out for lunch?

      Only frozen lakes?

      Our Frosty Leader?

      1. Only fatties lie?

      2. I’m guessin’ Off Fucking Line.

    2. Are you tied to Malmstrom, or is this completely voluntary?

      1. Voluntary.

        Wife was stationed here 15 years ago. Fell in love with it. Retired here.

        The summers make up for the winters. Honest.

        1. 2 pensions? Well La De Da!

            1. I don’t generally think of the military as being overpaid.

              1. Yeah, but I can’t exactly swear John Galt’s oath.

                1. Someone’s got to be on duty to start Armageddon with those ICBMs.

                  I suppose it’s better than relying on possibly sentient computers.

                2. We can’t all be shreek

      2. I figure he likes it. Otherwise he, like most libertarians, would take his private jet to his island retreat in the South Pacific and hunt poor people for sport.

        1. I like to stay close to my diamond mines. Turn your back for a second and the orphans start slacking off.

          1. True. It’s so hard to find reliable overseers these days.

            1. Everyone’s so hesitant to go to the whip.

              1. Consider hiring retired cops.

                1. I did, but they kept shooting the guard dogs. And it’s SO hard to train them to bite slacking orphans. It didn’t work out.

                  But I admire your ingenuity.

                  1. Disgraced nuns then.

    3. Is that in F?
      Because it’s only -12F here.

      1. Yep. F as in Fucking Frigid!

        Canadian pussies! -13F was the high today.

        1. at least we got FREE PARKING

          1. Is there an outlet to plug in your block heaters on those meters?

            1. unlikely.
              there was actually a debate on the radio today what temp to plug your car in.

              1. I paid $300 to replace my block heater yesterday. Got a Diesel and it wasn’t happy not being plugged in after a night at -20. I’d say anything below 0.

                1. Diesel’s hate the cold more.

                  /indoor heated parking for the win

                  1. My garage is set up for heat, but I need to insulate the ceiling first. Perhaps when the diamond mines get out of the red…

                    …until then, it’s the plug.

            2. Plug your car in? What the fuck are you guys talking about?!?

        2. It’s 0 (32) here. South eastern Ontario FTW

          1. CANUCK
            why are there rumours of a snap spring election from PM Stephen Harper?
            The leftists on my twitter/facebook are having coniptions.

            1. Some sort of scandal in the senate. I actually should pay more attention but I’m so sick of the “government should do everything” sentiment here that I’ve lost my will to care.

              1. government should do everything

                the Piya Chattopadhyay solution!

    4. OFf scale Low

      1. it’s pronounced THROAT WOBBLER MANGROVE!

  23. Remember that Iowa “civil rights” law under which the gay couple complained that a business denied their same-sex wedding ceremony?

    Well, a pastor in Iowa claims that a local coffee shop violated this law by cancelling some custom coffee mugs for the church on account of the church’s prolife and pro-traditional marriage religious beliefs, doing which would apparently be discrimination. The business denies it and makes ominous hits of a defamation suit. They say they don’t discriminate.

    The pastor stands by his story, but he won’t sue because he disagrees with the “civil rights” law – violates free enterprise.

    All this took place in..Sioux City – get it?


    1. Because Indians are notoriously litigious?

  24. I just donated $100. I’m sure that puts me on some kind of NSA watch list (fuck Clapper!). My only request is that the next time Gillespie or any Reason staffer is on camera with Maher or Madcow, he calls them mendacious fucks.

  25. (We promise, no more jacking it northward.)

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, can’t get fooled again.


  26. “Former Professor Offers $5 Million To Help Protect Detroit’s Art”
    Uh, were the rats gonna eat it? Naah; he’s protecting it from being sold to people who would like to buy it! The HORROR!
    Read it and weep; he’s an attention whore.

    1. Well, as I suggested before, the only real hero in the S. Africa story is F.W. deKlerk. But a balding, conservative, middle-aged, white guy is just not the media’s idea of someone to celebrate.

    2. “All that (Mr. Bush) wants is Iraqi oil.”

      Whatever happened to that oil? Is it, like, sitting a great underground swimming pool on the estate of Dick Cheney?

      But yeah, Mandiba hardly has clean hands when he’s supported a communist dictatorship, a fascist dictatorship, and a terrorist organization.

    3. #2 is actually pretty close to the truth. A large aggressor nation *is* a threat to world peace.

      … Hobbit

    1. none of those are me actually waking up.

    2. Number 16: Why is Jerry’s Uncle Leo kicking that topless woman?

      1. HELLO!

    3. Number 19: Those Republican MONSTERS!

  27. Korean war vet snubs Biden:

    “U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who is traveling in Seoul, welcomed the release and said he talked by phone with Newman in Beijing, offering him a ride home on Air Force Two. Biden said Newman declined because of a direct flight to his home state of California later Saturday.”

    Would YOU put up with Biden for, oh, 16 hours?
    (Oh, and the Norks let the guy go)

    1. Good that he got out. That one seems like a very weird story.

      I’m going to assume it was actually a call from Rodman that got him out, not Biden being in the neighborhood.

    2. Honestly, yes I would. I’d do just about anything to avoid flying coach for 16 hours. I’d even pretend to be a liberal.

      1. Shameless. A man after my own heart.

  28. Got a cold? Take some Dickinin.

  29. The 2 minute video is worth watching if you want to see a perfect example of projection. Maddow keeps saying “WHY ARE YOU SO MAD!!!” to a calm, smiling Gillepsie.

    1. I had the same thought. I was actually embarrassed for her.

  30. $110,400 🙂

  31. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it.


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