The Reason Webathon Made it to the First $100,000; Help Us Get All the Way to $150,000!


CAPTION CONTEST: What's the middle guy thinking? |||

Don't go all complacent on us now, o Hit & Run faithful! That big donation yesterday was a challenge, not an excuse to take a long nap off a short pier. Our original goal in this year's annual webathon—in which we ask the irascible assembled to help fund another year of kickass libertarian journalism and commentary—was $100,000; then we got that $50,000 bump, so we changed the goal to $150,000, and now we're…THIS JUST IN: We have inched above the $100,000 line (including at least 1.87 Bitcoin!), thanks to 300 donors and counting. I just knew you wouldn't punish us for being greedy!

Need a raison d'Reason? How about this fancy new TV show? Or this recent testimonial and conversation on an existing TV show on the same network?

Or if you prefer, this exchange between Nick Gillespie and Rachel Maddow:

We're out there wherever they'll have us, keeping people on their toes with incisive and/or just plain weird arguments that champion Free Minds and Free Markets. Help us get more libertarian viewpoints out there in the public arena! Let's get that orange all the way up to $150,000! (We promise, no more jacking it northward.) Won't you please donate to Reason right the hell now?