House Passes Bill to Allocate TSA-Collected Loose Change to Airport Military Groups

Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year


We all toss our pocket change in a jar from time to time and watch it grow. Now, a U.S. congressman is hoping to force the TSA to put that money to good use – as the agency collects hundreds of thousands each year in loose change from forgetful travelers.

The House on Tuesday approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., that would require the TSA to transfer unclaimed money recovered from airport security checkpoints to nonprofit organizations that operate airport programs in support of the military. 

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  1. Because just making sure that owners get their money back is just to hard.

  2. Well the heck with my getting a couple of nickels and dimes back, that I left in that them thar little X-ray-machine-belt scanner-bowls, and forgot, I want my ILLEGAL DRUGS back, that I left there and forgot! Who are they giving those to, anyway? Oh never mind, I bet the TSA employees are toking it all up…

    1. On third thought after my second thought, I bet they are forwarding the illegal drugs to Emperor Obama, who tokes them all up, saying “intercepted”!!!

  3. Why aren’t these coins used as evidence to put these freedom fluffers in prison? Last I heard it was a crime to use your federal job for illegal purposes, like theft.

  4. Last I heard it was a crime to use your federal job for illegal purposes, like theft.

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 and 16th Amendment Bitchez!

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  6. As a veteran I say eff em. The money belongs to the airport to do with as it pleases, not eh TSA. If the TSA takes possession of private finds it’s obviously a tax which should go into the fed budgets, maybe they could apply it to that debt thingy…

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