Online Obamacare Enrollment for Small Business Delayed. Again.



Not that it's a huge frigging surprise, but small business online enrollment in Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance, which was already delayed from October 1 until December 1, will be pushed back a full year, until November of 2014. Like a floundering big budget movie production announcing just before the Fourth of July weekend that a few scenes have to be reshot, so the resulting mess should be hitting screens…eventually, the Obama administration rolled out this particular turkey the day before Thanksgiving.

According to David Morgan at Reuters:

The Obama administration on Wednesday announced a one-year delay in online health insurance enrollment for small businesses with 50 or fewer full-time workers that could qualify for subsidized coverage under Obamacare.

It was the latest in a series of delays that have diminished the scope President Barack Obama's landmark healthcare law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The administration has faced implementation challenges before and since the troubled October 1 rollout of the federal website HealthCare.gov.

Robert Pear of the New York Times, perhaps growing a bit justifiably cynical, points out, "The announcement of the delay, just before Thanksgiving, is reminiscent of the way the White House announced, just before the Independence Day weekend, a one-year delay in the requirement for larger employers to offer health insurance to employees."

Actually, if you go to the small business section of Healthcare.gov, the site tantalizingly announces that "The SHOP Marketplace is open for business!" Not so much. If you click on "apply" you're prompted to pick your state, before being instructed, "You enroll in SHOP coverage directly through an agent, broker, or insurance company."

That's helpful.

No matter how it's done, expect a good bit of insurance shopping to become necessary, since the Department of Health and Human Services itself estimated in 2010 that 49 to 80 percent of small employer (under 100 workers) plans, which cover 43 million people, would lose their grandfathered status. That would require the sort of cancellation notifications that have raised so many eyebrows, and blood pressures, in recent weeks among individuals. Unless the president once more unilaterally orders the temporary suspension of the requirements of the law that he himself championed.


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  1. Of course it’s open, 2chilly, you just can’t buy anything.

    1. Let’s start a fund to pay J.D. into tattooing “2-Chili” in Gothic lettering on his stomach. (See exhibit A)

      After all we’ve done for him, he owes us at least that.

      1. I like “2 Chilly” better, but I’m willing to go along with the group.

        1. Too Chilly.

          1. I’ll contribute to HeMo’s fund.

    2. I just made another internet long term football bet. Very similar to ours. I win if GT beats UGA in football again (last was 2008) at any time with Paul Johnson as head coach. I lose if he gets fired/leaves before beating them.

      Winner gets to control the losers avatar/sig on a football board for one year.

      1. See, I wouldn’t have made that bet. The Yellow Jackets are occasionally good, and college head coaches can have long tenures.

        1. I meant, I wouldn’t have taken your friend’s side of the bet, that is.

  2. You know what would be truly delicious…if the GOP started impeachment hearings for NOT enforcing the Congressionally mandated provisions of Obamacare.

    1. Would probably be the best use and closest to original intent. Blatantly un-constitutional. The reality is though that TPOS (TM) would fuck it up.

    2. You need a crime to impeach. What Obama is doing in this instance is illegal, but AFAIK it’s not criminal.

      1. No you don’t – high crimes and misdemeanors does not imply a specific crime with a statute.

        & even if some strict scholars wanted to make a point that it must be a crime, the current administration and all of their supporters cannot argue from that point of view and be logically consistent since “provide for the common welfare” means “force citizens into any behavior or economic transactions the state deems welfare related”.

        Of course they would argue strict interpertation without any hint of self awareness, but in a society where most pay attention it would fail.

        & lastly – while we’re here – even if you disagree that a true crime isn’t needed based upon the Constitution – not following laws duly passed and deemed Constitutional by SCOTUS is the definition of criminal and it is breaking the law.

        Because note a lot of these mandates and dates they’re “moving” are written into the law. The executive branch has zero authority or power to do this.

        In fact, Obama’s opponents attempted to pass another law allowing the President authority to delay certain pieces of O-care.

        He stated openly he doesn’t need it.

        I’ll grant you most of the US population doesn’t seem to think this is illegal, but it is.

  3. So it is the law of the land, unless it is inconvenient, then it is ok to delay or change? I know FYTW, but holy shit. Does anybody GAF about the rule of law or separation of powers anymore? How isn’t this resulting in mass revolt?

    1. Illegal or not, most people are willing to give him a pass on this because everyone’s better off the longer the law is delayed.

      1. Everyone is better off the sooner this law is gutted or repealed. Delaying only makes it harder to get rid of. TPOS could make a couple of changes now while they have momentum and do the country a favor. Just get rid of the mandatory coverage levels and let people buy plans from other states. It would introduce competition and make everyone’s life better. Also has the benefit of possibly getting done.

        1. Just getting rid of all kinds of laws would make everyone’s lives better. But it’s not gonna happen.

      2. Illegal or not, most people are willing to give him a pass

        Perfect statement on a large part of the problem existing today as this is yet another sign of the complete lack of critical thinking in society today.

        Rational thought should say that the reason a President decides to ignore laws shouldn’t matter to whether that President should ignore laws. As allowing any President the ability to modify passed law without the legal authority granted to the legislative branch is antithetical to freedom.

        But here we are – pay the taxes you owe (Apple, Google, et al) and still have some money left over, and you’re evil and should be held accountable.

        Actively ignore laws duly passed, whether they be bankruptcy laws, labor laws, or even when the one ignoring the law worked very hard to pass it – and that’s fine because it’s better for us.

        Land of the free.

    2. Are you proposing a coup d’etat to remove a historically elected black president?


      1. Not if we put Colin Powell in his place.

        1. I’d prefer Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell, but they’re probably both too smart to take it.

      2. Saying or writing racist, well, dats racis

    3. Although I agree, perhaps we’re getting to the point where everyone just ignores the law and the police are just there to bust heads of people they don’t like.

      We’ll know for sure when people start randomly shooting government personnel proactively. Which I guess is usually called “revolt”.

      1. I think the police are already there and routinely use arguments such as “discretion” or “resource utilization” when referring to their discrepancies in how different people are handled/harassed differently by the state when one is thought to have committed a crime.

        Though I think you may be right that this, screw the law attitude, is moving more mainstream. I think Reason has done more than one article on the growing underground economy in the US – that’s at least evidence pointing in that direction.

        I’ll also note on many channels, the new reality shows about about bootlegging or growing pot or other illegal activities – sure, they show the LEO side, but its minimized. & more importantly, the reality shows themselves aren’t just new LEO shows (or more magazine shows about the latest “perp”).

        Let’s hope it continues.

        Don’t know how many will ever “revolt” – but good point – it’s heartening to know more and more people are treating the government in the same way the government treats its citizens.

  4. Another tweak or two, and it will be PERFECT!

    All you libertarians are just skeered of how awesome and popular it will be. The consequent repeal of the 22nd amendment will take a few weeks, at most.

    1. You forgot to change your handle to the other PB.

    2. Remember when they were filtering our noise with pictures of kittens with fonts titled ‘Adorable Care’?

        1. The one on the top right has to be the most obnoxious of the all.


          Sorry bitch, but you were born that way.

          1. Actually, I think those are all pretty hilarious, regardless of how they were intended (I can’t tell how they were intended).

          2. Bottom left is good too “I’m glad… lifetime caps have been eliminated.”

            Umm…. not just untrue, but illogical to believe it is true.. I mean how stupid can one be – there is infinite wants and finite resources. For instance, what if everyone who had a PVS family member decided life support should be sustained until technology can cure them?

            But who cares about stuff like that – they passed a law so it must be true.

            By this logic one could say that no US citizen should ever fear death by murder or rape or loss of possessions/money through theft or any other coercion against them by private criminals.

            Afterall, if Ocare by law can remove the economic reality of scarcity, then murder and rape laws should remove the reality of murder and rap.

            1. I’m all for removing the reality of rap.

  5. Does anybody GAF about the rule of law or separation of powers anymore?

    The end justifies the means.

    1. The ends justify the memes!

  6. I, for one, will be enjoying a healthy serving of salty ham tears with my turkey tomorrow.

    1. That sounds…confusing.

  7. You forgot to change your handle to the other PB.

  8. Sheesh. I fucked that up. I can’t even blame the skwerlz.

  9. Our libertarian snuff film industry keeps getting better and better!!

  10. Libertarian Christmas continues to delight.

    The magnitude of the failure is astonishing even to me — even as us classical liberals foresaw the obvious *economic* problems (and predicted some general administrative issues stemming from government incompetence as well), the extent to which the implementation has been fucked up is simply breathtaking.

    Did anyone besides a few stray libertarians and House Republicans even pay attention to the litigation and behind-the-scenes work that bureaucrats were doing to put the program into place? Sure doesn’t seem like it.

    1. And the delay doesn’t seem like it helps campaigning Democrats all that much: Republicans can point to the guillotine and remind voters that it falls at the end of the year. I imagine Democrats will be rather tight-lipped on the subject.

    2. libertarian xmas needs a song

      1. I’m gettin’ O-Care for Christmas
        Mommy and daddy are mad
        I’m getting O-Care for Christmas
        ‘Cause I ain’t been nuttin’ but bad

        I won’t be seeing doctor cuz
        ObamaCare for me
        He won’t come visit me because
        ObamaCare for me
        Next year I’ll be voting straight
        Next year I’ll vote L, just wait
        I’d start now, but it’s too late
        So ObamaCare for me

        1. I like it!!! Any more?

          1. [To the tune of “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”]

            I’m beginning to see the Road to Serfdom
            Everywhere I go
            Take a look at the DMV
            The USSR you’ll see
            With rationed plans and Stalin’s hand aglow

            I’m beginning to see the Road to Serfdom
            Transfats bans in tow
            Bloomberg’s running the NYC
            California’s a tyranny
            And the Rs all blow

            1. tanfastic!

            2. Now that one deserves a full treatment.

      2. Or, at least a sweet little XMas poem.

        ’twas the night before Christmas,
        and all through the house,
        My whole Goddamned family as drunk as a louse.
        Mother in bed, father in jail,
        I settled down for a long winter hell.

        And that is all I remember before the drunken bum in a red suit robs the place.

        1. Libertarian Christmas or Irish Christmas?


          1. Well, the Irish Community Center in SF is made of rocks, fit hat tells you anything.

          2. ‘ the fuck you just called me?

            Irish don’t own dysfunction, they just perfected it. I learned that one before I even knew it was derived from another poem.

  11. So – if you work for a small (or large) business, your insurance doesn’t need to meet the standards of the individual market? The small-time consultant, solo lawyer, carpenter, etc etc gets screwed with higher payments than someone “protected” under the umbrella of a corporation?

    Holy shit.

    1. Yep, just stickin’ it right to those evil corporations.

    2. Yep. Entrepreneurs are dangerous people. Better to nudge them back into working for an employer.

  12. The small-time consultant, solo lawyer, carpenter, etc etc gets screwed with higher payments than someone “protected” under the umbrella of a corporation?

    “From each, according to his abilities, to each, according to his political leverage.”

  13. I’m at the northern compound – the snow is falling with heavy flakes, the wood stove is burning away, and the county isn’t bothering to plow the roads. Thank goodness for 4X4 + Snow Tires.

    Happy Holidays to everyone.

    1. I know you people will find this hard to believe, but I am enjoying a beer at the moment.

  14. All I know is tonight is the biggest party night of the year and I get to see people I rarely see…..many of them die hard Obama and ACA supporters. I plan on reminding them what a clusterfuck they have created. And I will ask for tear donations to add to my fine mix of shitty vodka and diet orange soda.

    1. Noice! Can you get it all on film?

      1. I should take my digital camcorder with me. Make a “Live from the biggest party night of the year; thsi reporter will harass obama-ites. and do it obnoxiously drunk.

        1. i cant type for shit

          1. S’alright, mine isn’t anything to write home about.

        2. Maybe a red carpet that leads to a computer with the website open. To enroll them!!!!

  15. Hey, it’s not Friday evening, but it’s close enough for government work!

    1. I got a long weekend, and that is all that matters.

    2. Saved up time for Monday off too, but I’m trading with a guy for some Christmas days. I suspect he’s a Jew. That’s just how terrific I am. I wasn’t all, ‘hey, what do you need that time off for? Chanukah’s is about as authentic as Kwanzaa in the body of your religion’. I said, to paraphrase, ‘sure, what can you do to sweeten the pot?’

  16. Does anyone have any solid idea about what this law means, how it is being implemented, what the state of implementation is, or what the future holds? How many people are enrolled? Can you enroll on the website or not? If you buy a plan through some other means does it meet standards or not? WTF is going on?

    In spite of all the reporting and all of the blather coming out of the white house, I still dont get it. No one seems to be able to get a straight answer from the administration about any of this. Everything they say seems designed to deceive or misdirect.

    I am beginning to think this is the biggest disaster in american political history. That is some legacy you have there Barry.

    1. Suthenboy|11.27.13 @ 3:58PM|#
      “Does anyone have any solid idea about what this law means, how it is being implemented, what the state of implementation is, or what the future holds?”{

      Well, I’m pretty certain I’m gonna take it in the butt, and I’m absolutely certain that the hag and Obo are lying through their teeth.
      Other than that? Naah.

  17. Shouldn’t Obama now have to pay 1 percent of his income in a fine oops I mean tax?

  18. Of course, the true believers don’t care about any of this. They are now saying “Well, it was just a watered-down Republican idea in the first place and now that it’s an obvious failure we can get to the business of single payer.” They don’t care if Obama lied to get it passed or not. They think he had no alternative because gutting our healthcare system was the first step to single payer. Just like they didn’t care if Bill Clinton had “sex with that woman.” They thought it wasn’t our business to know, therefore it didn’t matter if the POTUS lied under oath to entire nation.

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  20. Coverage report, SF Chron:
    Print-version: Nowhere to be found. Not one word on something affecting millions of people
    E-version: Not a single mention on the home page. Click on “Nation” sub-head, only because that seems the most likely place, scroll all the way down to the bottom:
    “Latest health law delay: small business website”
    Damn. You’d thing that water would be getting pretty heavy to carry by now.

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  22. This is surely unexpected and unnecessary. Though I’ve basic knowledge about websites, still I must say that delay of 1 year in launching the online enrollment option doesn’t make any sense. It was unnecessary, unexpected, and uncalled for. My question is there is no meaning of citing website delay as the reason of delaying the program for small owners. The main problem lies elsewhere. The entire plan of Obamacare is not ready yet. If the plan is not complete what is the meaning of trying to implement it? Isn’t it sheer callousness of the government?

  23. It’s not the site people. Or a need to delay with business to fix problem Obama practically has to plead with people
    to sign on. Because it is bad. The entire plan. It’s like trying to
    convince me to purchase a used car when I just saw its brakes fail.

    People would weather a broken site. They are not going to weather
    paying higher premiums and deductibles after he flat out lied and told
    them their premiums would be lower for most. The are not going to
    weather that millions got their plans cancelled–oh, many will just be
    cancelled a year from now, I forgot. That solves everything.

    Progressives, you cannot defend him any longer. Unless you’re one of
    the parasites that are benefiting from others paying higher premiums
    when you aren’t. Many of you will catch the second wave when the
    employer mandate invokes the exact same catastrophe the individual
    mandate did. That is next year, folks.

    But that’s ok Mr. Progressive. You just keep insisting Obama really isn’t a
    Marxist. Unfortunately the clear facts tell us otherwise.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And
    creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE. A true conservative’s weekly.

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