Scott Walker

Gov. Walker Doesn't See Social Conservatism as Threat to GOP's Chances

Doesn't think it threatens moderate votes


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker isn't going to light up the stage with a big personality, like, say, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

But don't let that mild-mannered Upper Midwestern-ness fool you.

Governor Walker is showing all the tell-tale signs of a budding presidential candidate – the new book, the speeches and media appearances outside Wisconsin focused on his record, the obligatory assertions that he's focused on winning reelection next year, not on 2016.

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  1. Come 2016, all sorts of career habitual politicians will be falling over each other and bad mouthing each other to win the nomination as the RePOOPlican choice for President of the United States of America. Of course the DemoCRAZIES will no doubt be doing the same thing. Which of course means that no other candidates from any other party will be allowed to take place in the Presidential Big Ring Circus debates, or much of anything else that the two political parties who control the United States of America have planned for us in the future. With all of his flaws Mr. Ventura is correct in saying that these two parties control the United States of America like two prominent gangs. Not literally of course, but figuratively. Too bad the President of the United States of America has to belong to any damn political party and can run on the issues instead of a so called “platform”, and would be elected directly by the people and not by the media or at conventions, and serve for only six years.

  2. Walker and Christie always remind me of the late Rudolph Hess and Herman Goering respectively. Walker face wise and Christie weight wise. I’m just speaking historically, and am in no way comparing these two True Patriots and Real Americans to the two deceased Germans in any way. And of course I am positive that both of our Conservative leaders would never even think of having the power those guys had. Absolutely not! Not in any way! And of course neither man wears a uniform so that rules out any comparison totally. However, it is hard not to match up people with historical characters. On the other hand, I’m sure that Christie and Walker must resemble some European Kings in some way. How about Christie as Edward VII?

  3. i don’t see walker crossing the threshold for the nomination. christie may get the nomination, but i don’t see him winning because he’s more of a paper tiger than many realize. rand paul has hurt himself somewhat lately, but i still think he’s the likely nominee if he doesn’t mess it up.

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