Afghanistan Political Leaders, Tribal Elders Debate Security Deal With US; Karzai Says "Trust With America Not Good," Wants Agreement to Go Into Effect After Next Election

Deal or no deal?



John Kerry said the US and Afghanistan had reached an agreement for a security partnership after the 2014 withdrawal of combat troops, pending approval at a grand council of local leaders. At that meeting, the term-limited Hamid Karzai suggested the deal with the US not go into effect until after next year's presidential election.

From Reuters:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai told his countrymen on Thursday a vital security pact with the United States should not come into effect until after next year's election and conceded there was little trust between the two countries.

About 2,500 tribal elders and political leaders from all around Afghanistan gathered in the capital, Kabul, for a Loya Jirga, or grand council, to debate whether to allow U.S. troops to stay after the 2014 drawdown of foreign forces.

Karzai told the council he didn't trust the Americans, and that they didn't trust him. A delegation from Afghanistan, meanwhile, ha s reportedly met in Pakistan with the former deputy leader of the Taliban, according to anonymous officials from those two countries.

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  1. "Karzai told the council he didn't trust the Americans, and that they didn't trust him."

    Quite so - Mr. K is a thief and scoundrel, his government, army and police are riddled with corruption and enemies...and we have pretty much been doing things no truly sovereign nation would tolerate (dronez!).

    His survival will depend on how much of a satrap of Pakistan he is willing to become.

  2. "President Gotti of the newly liberated United States has expressed distrust of his Russian liberators and they of him. While "Junior" Gotti was carefully vetted by the Russians as clearly a man of great integrity and connection to the American people, relations between Gotti and his recent supporters have become strained . . ."

  3. Please, please kick the U.S. out at the earliest opportunity
    (5pm EST today would be great.)

  4. Hmm, Security deal with Afghanistan?

    How about this...

    We leave effective 6 months from the signing (it'll realistically take a while to get all the logistics together and tear down all the bases).

    After that Afghanistan is on it's own.

    However if they allow another terrorist organization free reign in their country again and that organization launches a terror attack on America then we will return with operation Carthage.

    The people of Afghanistan are free to ponder all possible meanings of the name of said operation.

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