Toronto Mayor's Television Show Cancelled After One Episode

Well, never mind then


Less than 24 hours after Ford Nation's record-breaking premiere, Sun News has cancelled the show, hosted by embattled Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Doug.

Sun News Network vice-president Kory Teneycke confirmed Tuesday that the show was cancelled, after only one episode.

Ford Nation was the "biggest night ever for Sun News, by a country mile," Teneycke told the Star in an email.

It attracted 155,000 viewers for its first airing, 45,000 more during a Western Canadian repeat and was downloaded an additional 65,000 times from the network's website, he said. Until Monday, Sun News' ratings record was 100,000 viewers for Fight Night.

The Fords' show "beat that by 50 per cent in first hour alone," wrote Teneycke.

Despite its success, the show was cancelled due to cost concerns caused by the Fords' inexperience in television. Teneycke confirmed that taping the one-hour show took five hours, and it required another eight hours to edit.