Police in Schools

Man Arrested for Trying to Pick Up Kids from School

Follow our procedures or go to jail!


A Tennessee man was arrested after trying to pick his children up from their elementary school last week because he did not follow the proper pickup procedures.

Jim Howe, 40, a resident of Crossville Tenn., posted a video on YouTube from when he was arrested for disorderly conduct at the South Cumberland Elementary School. Howe can be seen in the video arguing with School Resource Officer Avery Aytes over the school's policy for picking up children.

"The county jail is where you're going," Aytes said at one point of the conversation.

"That's fine, I've been there before," Howe answered.

"Good, you're about to go there again," Aytes said.

True to his word, Aytes eventually did handcuff Howe and charged him with disorderly conduct as he was led into a county sheriff's vehicle. Howe told The Daily News Wednesday he was released and faces a Dec. 2 court date.