A.M. Links: Military Suicides Down 22 Percent, Gonzaga to Review Anti-Gun Policy, Atlanta Cops Shoot Dog While Responding to Accidental 911 Call


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    US Marines

    Suicides are down 22 percent across the military this year; defense officials are reticent to attribute the decline to new prevention programs or to the drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan, since many suicides have been of military personnel who have served in neither theater and the causes are still poorly understood.

  • One Senate Democrat is collecting signatures from other senators for a letter requesting an investigation of the Obamacare website roll out. Kay Hagan voted for Obamacare and is up for re-election in North Carolina, a state Obama won in 2008 but lost in 2012, next year.
  • She's no Charles Curtis but Elizabeth Warren may run for the 2016 Democrat nomination for president.
  • Gonzaga University will review its anti-gun policy; two students are facing probation and other disciplinary measures after using a legally registered firearm in off-campus university housing to deter a would-be home intruder.
  • Police in Atlanta shot a dog in the head while responding to a 911 call placed accidentally.
  • North Korea held a round of public executions earlier this month for offenses including watching American films and reading the Bible.
  • Less than a week after being cleared of graft charges, hardliner Avigdor Lieberman was re-appointed foreign minister of Israel.

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