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Elizabeth Warren Eyed as Potential 2016 Presidential Candidate

Could Sen. Elizabeth Warren run for president in 2016?

The New Republic makes the case for the liberal Massachusetts Democrat as a potential rival to presumed front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton in their latest cover story.

Casting her as "the probable face of the insurgency," TNR makes the case for Warren as a populist candidate up against Clinton who is perceived as more friendly to Wall Street.

Source: USA Today. Read full article. (link)

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  • montana mike||

    Team Red would jump for joy I suspect.

  • TCop19||

    "the probable face of the insurgency,"?????

    And the TEA Party is perceived as extreme?

  • datcv||

    Because she's been such a successful Senator with loads of proposed reform bills and compromising with the opposition to balance the budget and ensure that government programs are solvent for the future.

    Oh wait...

  • optimusratiostultum||

    my left nut has more Indian blood than she does

  • On The Road To Mandalay||

    Millions of women will vote for a woman Presidential candidate. Not because of her political views, but simply because she is a woman. Of course not all women will vote for a woman just because she is a woman, but more millions will. However, I still prefer this woman over the Clintons.