First Half of New Egyptian Constitution Finalized

100 articles, mostly about system of governance


Spokesman for the Constituent Assembly Mohamed Al-Salmawy said Monday that the assembly has concluded over 100 articles in the constitution, namely those related to the governance system, culture, monuments and heritage.

A constitutional decree was released by interim president Adly Mansour on 8 July, wherein Article 29 stipulated that after the 10-member committee completes its constitutional proposals, a 50-member committee assigned the legislation of the constitution will be decided upon by the presidency. The committee members were announced in a presidential statement released on 7 August.

Salmawy clarified that the articles currently being drafted are not final and will still be reviewed by the 10-member expert committee.

The committee outlined the authorities of the president, where a mixed presidential system or semi-presidential system was approved. This entails that the president is head of the executive branch; however, he does not enjoy exclusive powers subscribed only to him, as the prime minister currently possesses substantial levels of authority.