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Chris Christie Looking Good to Some Republicans Already Thinking About 2016

Buoyed by a landslide re-election


where are the taft references?

Republican Chris Christie was re-elected governor in New Jersey by a landslide over Barbara Buono, winning with the largest margin in a gubernatorial race since Tom Kean defeated a 33-year-old in 1985. Exit polling shows Christie won 57 percent of women, a 12 point increase over 2009, as well as 51 percent of Latino voters, a 19 point increase, and 21 percent of Black voters, a 12 point increase. He won every age group except 18-29, which just barely broke for Buono, and even 32 percent of Democrat voters after spending the summer collecting Democrat endorsements. When Frank Lautenberg died, vacating one of New Jersey's senate seats, Christie scheduled a special election for three weeks before the November election date, on a Wednesday, to avoid risking his landslide margin by sharing the top of the Republican ticket with another candidate.

Some Republicans, nevertheless, are hoping Christie can help lead them to national victory in 2016. This weekend, Mitt Romney told Meet the Press he thought Christie could "save" the Republican party.  Joe Scarborough thinks Christie could unite the party, like Reagan. Rich Lowry, meanwhile, compares Christie to Bill Clinton:

Christie's implicit pitch to the national GOP will probably be that he's to Republicans in the 2010s what Bill Clinton was to the Democrats in the 1990s. In other words, he offers a different kind of politics that can potentially unlock the presidency after a period of national futility for his party.

Like Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas in the 1980s, Christie is operating on hostile partisan and cultural territory, and managing to thrive by co-opting or neutralizing natural enemies.

Like the "explainer-in-chief," Christie has a knack for public persuasion. The New Jersey governor's relentless town halls during the fight for his public-sector reforms were model examples of making an argument fearlessly and effectively.

Christie's already been maneuvering for a 2016 election run, becoming one of the most vocal opponents of the perceived libertarian faction of the Republican party so far. Rand Paul's said it was a mistake for Christie to say there wasn't room for libertarians in the party.David Harsanyi (columns at Reason here), thinks this stance is Christie rejecting ideology in favor of practicality, and not a sign of "cynical moderation." Harsanyi writes:

He might not be what conservatives want, but he may be what they need. Sure, there's a lot we don't know about Christie's politics. Though he's probably a conservative in the true sense of the word, he almost certainly isn't an ideologue. So you can imagine that the rank and file will continue to be displeased with the intensity of his political convictions. The "strain" of libertarianism that was at the center of Rand Paul's fight against the NSA, and the nasty back-and-forth with House Republicans who were aiming for a porkless Hurricane Sandy relief bill, were two examples of Christie rejecting (what he sees as) ideology for practicality. This is often confused with cynical moderation.

Over the summer, former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe called Christie a "very strong general election candidate" who was nevertheless too centrist to win in "the current Republican party."

More Reason on Chris Christie here.


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  1. In order for him to get nominated, he has to both make sure the far-right is deactivated as a political force and then get the far-right to vote for him in the primary.

    If it’s Hillary he’s against, I see the GOP base going more for a lamb sacrificed to principle. Rand Paul could go a long way in the primary turning his serial plagiarism into a flag-waving crusade against the intellectual elites.

    1. Blah, blah, blah…

    2. Rand Paul vs. Joe Biden could be a race to see who recites the Gettysburg Address first.

  2. On the one hand, the man is against abortion and gay marriage, and on the other, he’s ready to ignore the 2nd amendment. What kind of base is he drawing from again, to be a viable candidate?

      1. In fairness, go to ass-end of nowhere Missouri and talk to some staunch Republicans. I do think that the Democrat’s voting base has a tendency to be dumber than the Republican’s, an argument backed up by the fact that the Democrats consistently have trouble getting their voters to come to the polls, but the Republican’s base is still plenty dumb.

        1. ‘Tis a double edged sword.

    1. Both Team Red and Team Blue have substantial “God and Government” bases.

      1. Only Team Red wants to use government to enforce Gawd’s will.

        1. Yes, Team Blue only wants their will enforced on others. SO much better.

          1. Team Blue’s will = Gawd’s will, so sayeth Chicago Jesus… so sayeth the flock.

        2. Only Team BLUE wants to worship government as Dog.

          Neither option is good (in fact both are objectively bad), but I wouldn’t expect a simpleton like Shreeky to understand.

  3. Not another O’bo-lite, please.

  4. What’s the point of having a Republican in the White House if the Republican is Chris “Fatso” Christie?

    He’s a Democrat in Republican clothing as far as I can tell.

    And even worse! He went on national television a few days before election day, during the last presidential election, and french kissed Barack Obama’s ass!


    “This weekend, Mitt Romney told Meet the Press he thought Christie could “save” the Republican party.”

    That’s amazing. If Romney–and the other establishment Republicans–are so afraid of the Tea Party, that they’re willing to forgive Christie for stabbing them in back during the last presidential election? Then the Tea Party candidates must really have them scared.

    Run Rand Run.

    1. Hey, if you have the coveted Romney endorsement, nothing can stop him now!


    2. Romney II, the Revenge of Romney.

      1. NERDS! (Ken Shultz used to be next door neighbors with The Ogre).

        1. It’s true!

          I can’t believe you remember that.

          1. I used to see him around town. It would be more amazing if I forgot.

          2. Did he come out to pick up the newspaper in character?

          3. Really, you should have bought a pair of tickets to a Comic Con, and when he got inside, had him yell “Nnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrddddssss!”

      2. Romney II, the Revenge of Romney

        That’s kind of what I was thinking. Didn’t the GOP try the “across-the-aisle-reaching blue state governor” last time?

    3. And even worse! He went on national television a few days before election day, during the last presidential election, and french kissed Barack Obama’s ass!

      Like every whore who ever lived, Christie knows that sometimes you have to suck some cock in order to get ahead in life.

      1. If the establishment Republicans have forgotten him stabbing them in the back, then they’re biggest political whores ever.

        Here’s Chris Christie the next day assuring all of us that Barack Obama doesn’t give a damn about election day (four days before the presidential election)!


        He’s telling us that he doesn’t care about election day–but he’s telling us that if we had heard all the things Barack Obama had said to him over the previous few days, we’d know that Barack Obama doesn’t care about election day…

        In other words? Chris Christie thinks that the Republicans in this country are naive freakin’ idiots–and he’s treating them as such. In fact, he thinks Republican voters are so stupid? That they’ll completely forget that he told them that Barack Obama doesn’t care about election day–four days before the presidential election.

    4. It’s like I predicted this post to the letter. You are shooting yourself in the foot (and I don’t usually give advice to the enemy for free). Chris Christie gets nearly an A+ on the rightwing purity test. What he does–and what he has explicitly argued for–is downplays those beliefs that aren’t popular with majorities instead of getting a fucking megaphone and shouting through it: “Women should be vaginally probed by the federal government” like everyone else in his party.

      Yeah it’s necessary given the politics of his state, but it just might also be politically intelligent nationally.

      Of course, some candidates, like Rand Paul, are quite a long way from any sort of intelligence of that level–he must be somewhere beneath where you learn what plagiarism is, one must assume.

      1. Do they serve donuts at the meetings where you are given your banal talking points?

        1. Donuts filled with crack, apparently.

        2. It wasn’t a bad dream. Rand Paul has a major plagiarism problem.

          1. ?? According to who, Maddow viewers like yourself?

            1. According to the standards of intellectual honesty the world over?

          2. So does Joe Biden. Double standard much?

      2. Concern troll

  5. Exit polls in the New Jersey gubernatorial election show Chris Christie losing by a mile to Hillary Clinton in that state.

    So Christie is a Republican who can win in Democrat states…but they’ll still vote for a Democrat for president. Meanwhile, he’ll kill Republican turnout in swing states.

    This would be the dumbest move in the history of a very dumb party.

    1. So they’re probably going to do it, then.

      1. They’re DEFINITELY going to do it.

        1. Nobody on the right that I know has anything but pure loathing for Christie. I can pretty well guarantee he’s not going to get the nomination, especially if Democrats are dumb enough to begin attacking him now because they think he’ll be the candidate.

      2. Consultant one: We’re losing five points every time he gives a speech!

        Consultant two: Get him out there giving more speeches, before he loses all his support!

      3. Dole for Pineapple, redux.

    2. When Gillespie starts saying nice things about a republican, every alarm bell at RNC HQ should go off.

      I knew Fatso sucked even before that, but when I saw that, that was the total fucking drop dead clincher right there.

    3. Blue states will occasionally elect a Republican governor for the same reason that socialist European countries occasionally elect a center-right government: to kick the bureaucrats in the ass and get the machinery of government working again.

      It doesn’t mean they’ve turned into conservatives – they just want the goddamned roads plowed and the murderers locked up.

  6. Re-registering to vote for Rand in the primary.

  7. The equivalent of Clinton? Because the Romney and McCain campaigns, like Mondale and Dukakis, proved picking strident ideological conservatives was a bad idea, and now it’s time to try a moderate?

    Goddamn idiots.

  8. Doesn’t believe in property rights or gun rights. Throws a fit when the nation’s taxpayers don’t pony up for his state’s woes fast enough. Yes, he’s exactly what Republicans should pull the lever for.

    1. So he’s a typical Republican then?

      1. No, he tossed 2a to the four winds, so he’s an A-typical republican who resonates with Democrats! Run him in 2016!


  9. Read through the thread. Y’all forgot to mention that he is a warmista as well.

    Watching what is happening to my country is surreal. I wont sugarcoat it, I am beginning to feel a slight disdain for the majority of my countrymen.

  10. Mitt Romney is a Republication governor of a blue state too. How did that work out?

    1. But he put a dog on his car!


        1. And he wouldn’t hug his trash man.

          1. And he gave that dude’s wife cancer.

            1. And he hates the gaze!

  11. Tried to block medical pot. Former prosecutor. Dude’s a straight-up authoritarian.

    1. Dude’s a straight-up authoritarian.

      So he’s perfect then?

      1. He’s the kind of Republican Tony could learn to love!

    2. In all fairness, he was afraid the feds would pull funding. He wanted Rutgers to grow and distribute it.

    3. Put a price cap in place leading to shortages

  12. “Exit polling shows Christie won 57 percent of women, a 12 point increase over 2009, as well as 51 percent of Latino voters, a 19 point increase, and 21 percent of Black voters, a 12 point increase.”

    Exit polling?

    Which Exit?

    1. A fat white Republican got votes from 21% of black voters?

      1. Hanging chads… the ballot was confusing…

  13. He’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow

  14. Christie could save the GOP…from being in anyway different from the other party. But his savey-ness isn’t unique. Plenty of GOPers are similarly capable.

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