UAW Lawyer Complains Detroit Wasn't "Flexible" Enough Before Bankruptcy

"Flexibility" is probably how it got into the mess in the first place


The UAW's chief lawyer is portraying the city of Detroit as inflexible in the weeks leading to last summer's bankruptcy filing.

Unions opposed to Detroit's bankruptcy say there was a lack of good-faith negotiations with creditors before the Chapter 9 filing in July. If a judge finds that's true, he could throw out the case.

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  1. What the fuck does the UAW have to do with the City of Detroit? Unless the UAW pension plan bought Detroit bonds, I don’t understand what the UAW cares? The fine reporting at the Associated Press doesn’t make any of this clear. Hell, they could have asked my opinion on the matter and ran that as a story.

    Anyways, suck it you union scumbags. You got exactly what you negotiated for, and these are the consequences.

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