Mike Duggan Projected to Win Mayor's Seat in Detroit

Wish him luck -- he needs it.


Former hospital chief, prosecutor and political pit bull Mike Duggan, who campaigned as the candidate most capable of leading Detroit back from the brink, has defeated Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon in Tuesday's election for Detroit mayor, the Free Press projects.

With 67% of precincts reporting, the raw vote count showed Duggan leading 55% to 45.%.

Detroit political analyst said Duggan's message of his turnaround skills, including rescuing the Detroit Medical Center from near-bankruptcy a decade ago, caught on in a city that's facing a financial disaster of its own, fighting for survival in bankruptcy court, with residents exasperated by high taxes, poor public services, blight, unemployment and crime.

"His message of change resonated across racial lines, much the same as President Barack Obama did," Hood said.