A.M. Links: Drone Strike Against Pakistan Taliban Leader Killed Peace Process Says Interior Minister, European Agencies Cooperated on Mass Surveillance, Toronto Mayor Wants Cops to Release Alleged Crack Video


alleged video screen cap
screen cap via the Toronto Star
  • Pakistan's interior minister says the killing of the leader of the Pakistani Taliban has effectively ended the attempt at a peace process in the country. Meanwhile, according to a new book on the Obama Administration, President Obama bragged to aides that he was "really good at killing people".
  • The intelligence services of France, Germany, Spain and Sweden have reportedly been working together with the United Kingdom's GCHQ on developing methods to conduct mass surveillance of Internet and telephone communications. GCHQ and the NSA have been criticized for those practices in part by some of the political leaders in the European countries whose intelligence services they have been cooperating with.
  • The White House and top lawmakers in Congress continue to reject calls for clemency for Edward Snowden, whose disclosures have revealed the breadth of the NSA's mass surveillance programs.
  • John Kerry went to Egypt to tell Egyptians that democracy brings stability, which brings jobs, as part of his call for the violence in the country to stop. Meanwhile, the former president, Mohammed Morsi, claimed in front of the court where he is on trial that the case against him was illegitimate as he remained the country's legitimate president.
  • The White House denies Barack Obama considered dumping Joe Biden as his running mate for the 2012 election.
  • Rep. Mike Michaud, who is running for governor of Maine in 2014, has come out as gay.
  • Paul Ciancia has been charged with the murder of a TSA agent in last week's shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport.
  • An attorney for the mayor of Toronto has called on the city's police department to release a video alleged to show Mayor Bob Ford smoking crack. His attorney says it shows no such thing.

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