40 Years Ago


"The atheism of Ayn Rand is regarded by many people, especially political conservatives, as the most pernicious aspect of Objectivism. Yet, though vehemently opposed to faith and mysticism, Rand has never placed much emphasis on atheism per se."

-George H. Smith, "Atheism & Objectivism"

"Shortly after reading two of Miss Rand's most important novels I headed West, but before I moved I went to New York and met her privately. Miss Rand was warm and very open towards me. I recall that I said to her that perhaps the reason I admired her philosophy was because I, too, was a refugee from a Communist country. She said this was very likely not the case-but at any rate such matters were not significant for the appreciation of the kind of ideas she has emphasized. Her point was very important and well taken."

-Tibor R. Machan, "The Significance of Ayn Rand"

-November 1973