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New Book Reveals Obama Aides Wanted Clinton To Replace Biden as VP

President didn't want the change


On Election Night 2012 after clinching a second term, President Obama hailed Joe Biden as "the best vice president anybody could ever hope for."

But a new account of the year leading up to the election, detailed in the book "Double Down," reveals that many of Obama's closest aides weren't always as convinced.

In late 2011, several top Obama campaign officials secretly considered a VP swap for Hillary Rodham Clinton, convening focus-groups and commissioning opinion polls to determine whether the president could get a boost among voters.


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  1. Joe Biden is the best shield against impeachment that Skippy could have come up with, although recently he’s been pushing the edge of that imaginary envelope as far as possible. Shillary, otoh, would have spelled his doom. She would have grinned as she twisted the knife in his back to better step over his mouldering corpse to get her hands on what she really wants – to be appointed/elected/steal – the title of Queen of the United States.

    For all the fake ignorance and ‘who, me’ crap – Skippy isn’t as stupid as he plays on TV.

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