Friday Funnies: You Can Keep Your Health Coverage, If…


You can keep your insurance if Obama likes it

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  1. In reality: If Valerie likes your plan, you can keep it. I'll be on the back nine.

  2. Dear Reason:

    Pedal you're RACIST cartoons somewhere else.


    1. I didn't know they could go biking on they are cartoons. 🙂

    2. That's nothing compared to this cover of Mad magazine http://www.madmagazine.com/blo.....vacy-cover
      or this other one posted at http://www.americanthinker.com.....r_the.html

      And there some editirial toons about the former mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick as well.

      1. This one show a comic from 2008
        and this recent one from Henry Payne

        1. And there is also that animated video posted on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu6ioKjZsGU and there the sequel

    3. You know who else had racist cartoons?

      1. Tin Tin - sorry, couldn't resist answering my own question

        1. You ruined it for everybody, I hope you're happy... It's like handing out bubble wrap that's already been popped... total let down.

  3. If you like this cartoon, you can keep it

      1. How about The Nation? They're always sending out begging emails, eg.

        You have 24 hours to do your part?help The Nation overcome a crippling postal rate hike that's going to cost us $120,272 a year, funds that we simply don't have. We're only $16,800 away from our goal. Help push us over the top!

        This is only the latest battle for the heart and soul of independent media. From declining subscriptions, to aggregator sites that post our content for free, to corporate-funded media giants crowding out truth-telling reporting, we've got our work cut out for us.

        1. Hmmm...yes, it may just administer the coup d' grace to them. A Bokian mercy killing, so to speak.

      2. You can return the unused portion to Reason, for full refund...

  4. This is so topical! How does Bok get these amazing ideas out of thin air and then present them so elegantly. Really, no other artist can take a complicated concept like this and put it into a medium where everyone can immediately understand the issue. Truly inspiring work!

  5. What did the teleprompter mean?

  6. Not surprisingly, the ACA is most popular with the young and least popular with the Medicare free lunch crowd - overall 35% oppose it based on Big Gov reasons (about the the same number as Team Red faithful):


    1. Not surprisingly, you're a buttplug.

    2. I hate my generation. Buttplug, isn't it ironic that you are sometimes the only one speaking truth around here. They only shout you down because they don't want your logical points and well-cited arguments to give them an aneurysm. Keep on keeping on dude.

      1. Is it Opposites Day?

        1. He's lobbying to take your name.

      2. Logical points and well-cited arguments?

        Bravo waffles. I needed a laugh this morning.

      3. I agree with waffles, Buttplug is by far the smartest most awesome poster here and he is totally a classical liberal. It's a shame that you can score a 97% on the libertarian test and still not be let in the club.

    3. It isn't surprising that support for PPACA falls along party lines. We've known this for years. We've also known that it would be somewhere between very difficult and impossible to enact sweeping legislation like this when half the people it affects don't like it (regardless of their reasons).

      1. Also, how's the price of gold doing? Have you decided to short it again?

      2. It's also not surprising that the young haven't realized they're getting fucked yet. I'm willing to bet money that most of them haven't even tried to sign up yet and are just counting on it to be all lavender and roses.

        1. "It's also not surprising that the young haven't realized they're getting fucked yet."

          They'll have that epiphany around ~April...

          1. A lot of them are having it now. They thought this was going to be free health insurance, not overpriced crappy insurance.

    4. Not surprisingly, when I realized my premiums would triple for the equivalent deductible of my existing plan, I cursed every Democrat alive and schmucks such as yourself.

      Go fuck yourself in an unsurprising way.

    5. From June? What if they took the poll a month from now.? HAH!

      1. Jesus. I should have known, but then again, I don't bother to click on most of the shithead's links

      2. And it's from the AARP, that bastion of apolitical thought.

      3. Obamacare was really popular among the young right up until they understood how they were going to get fucked.

        Who could have thought? Worst greifer ever. They gave him that poll and talking point four months ago and today he remembers it and posts it. Doh!!

      4. *Wakes up, yawns, scratches self*

        Has something happened since June?

          1. She was hit by a bus?

            1. She fell into a well... try to keep up!

    6. Well, the "Medicare free lunch crowd" is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kochtoboooshpigs Inc.?, so it's really not that surprising...

    7. You mean like my Facebook friends that reposted that picture of the girl with a poster listing the 10 ways MessiahCare saved her life even though at the time the only aspect that was enacted was the age extension to 26?

      1. I need to see this poster.

        1. It was several years ago so its taking a while. Ill probably find it when this thread is dead

    8. Not surprisingly, Miley Cyrus' hit single, Wrecking Ball, is number 3 on the Billboard hot 100:


      Your response should be the same: who gives a fuck, again?

  7. i dont get it

  8. I think it's important to understand that these plans needed to go away. The insurance companies were happy to keep people signed up for these weak plans because they were essentially free money to insurer. Now that Obama has eliminated these free money plans the insurance companies will actually have to provide care. Not catastrophic bullshit care but real health care to prevent the catastrophic consequences. Sure it will cost a little more, but that's a small price for good health.

    We all are a little cranky because the website didn't work perfectly and the prices aren't exactly ideal. But over the next 6 months I think we all see just how much our government cares about the health and well being of all citizens. And we'll know just who to thank for it too.

    1. You're just missing the pointed finger and hiss.

    2. "Not catastrophic bullshit care but real health care to prevent the catastrophic consequences."

      Sooo... pre-paid healthcare: good, health insurance: bad?

      1. Yes! We needed to outlaw these bad plans because they encourage people to get sick. The new and really super good plans can prevent you from getting sick. Sure it costs more now, but you will never have to get sick or die.

        I think yinz are just ungrateful.

        1. Don't forget about the Unicorn rides too.

          1. Whoa, really!? There's way more cool stuff in this bill than I ever thought possible!

        2. "We needed to outlaw these bad plans because they encourage people to get sick."

          My god, you're right... I've been a fool.. a fully justified, prudent fool...

    3. Somebody doesn't understand the concept of insurance.

      1. Or sarcasm.

        1. Waffles posts are positively ejaculating sarcasm.

          Unrelated: this site FUCKING SUCKS on my droid OS. I have to use full site.

  9. Here's a real Friday Funny I heard on the radio today. A quote from a doctor about O-care.

    "Remember when Nancy Pelosi said 'You have to pass it to find out what's in it'? Well, that's the definition of a stool sample"

    I almost wrecked my car laughing so hard.

    1. Stolen... thank you doc on the radio!

      1. Steal away! Share it everywhere. I'm going to post it on the A.M. links too. This is too good to keep to ourselves.

    2. That is awesome.

    3. I just called that into Howie Carr's Chump Line. Though I changed it up a little.

      "Know what else you have to pass to know what's in it? A stool sample."

    4. Rectum? Damn near killed him!

  10. New York Magazine has a video montage of a dozen times of Obama saying "If you like your plan you can keep it" or variations of it.

    New York Magazine. Not some dirty racist Tea Bagger or nihilist Libertarian publication. But New York Magazine. I don't think the true believers are convincing many people.

    1. Apparently Rand Paul giving a movie synopsis similar to wikipedia is getting quite as much coverage as they'd hoped.

  11. and amid all this, what will Obama do this weekend? Campaign in VA for McAuliffe, of course. When the going gets tough, well, that doesn't really apply to BO so, never mind.

    1. I wonder if McAuliffe is happy about that? I bet it is a bit awkward between them. McAuliffe can't exactly tell the Chocolate Nixon thanks but no thanks. Maybe he will offer to take Obama golfing, at a really remote and exclusive country club where there won't be any pictures.

  12. Man, he's wearing Bart Simpson's scalp again.

  13. Obama lied, healthcare died.

    1. It will be like phoenix! Just ask the resident buttplug.

      1. We're just blinded by its brilliance, that makes it virtually impossible for us clingers, rubes, and simpletons to truly appreciate Obamas' masterstroke objectively, from a parallel viewpoint, as only our intellectual superiors truly can... Cast not pearl... I'm sure they'll dumb it down for us into something readily digestible for the unwashed masses, when the time is right...

  14. James Carville tries to explain this. He says

    Well, I think he could have said, I think the more accurate statement would have been that you will keep your coverage unless you are an individual market and have a so-called insurance policy that doesn't meet the basic requirements. You know, just calling something health insurance doesn't make it health insurance.

    All these people that thought they had insurance, really didn't. They just were not smart enough to know it. God this is funny.

    1. you may have just answered your question about McAuliffe. The Carville statement sounds exactly like the sort of thing a party bootlicker like Terry would go with so, sure, he'll embrace Obama.

      1. I am really curious to see what happens in the election next Tuesday. How demoralized are liberals over this? The Republicans are sure as hell going to turn out. But are all of these liberals who are losing their health insurance going to feel the duty to show up to vote for the ultimate party hack?

        1. I think that's the difference between Dems and Repubs. Dems are Team Blue no matter what. Piss of Repubs, and they'll just stay home.

          1. Piss ofF Repubs...

          2. Both sides will stay home. It is not that all the Dems will stay home. It is that four or five percent will. And in most elections that makes all the difference.

            The country is pretty evenly divided. Outside of the most hard core red or blue areas, elections are decided by turnout. Either side can be demoralized or not motivated for whatever reason and just not turn out.

          3. I originally read that as "Piss on Repubs"

            Made me laugh.

    2. The thing is, it's not just people that have private individual insurance. Lots of companies are dropping the plans they offered to their part time employees.

      So thanks Dems, not only have you fucked with the job market, making it more attractive for companies to hire part-timers (or reduce hours to part-time), now those part-timers can't even get health insurance.

  15. Sure, this may not be the most original cartoon on this topic, but it conveys the messages cleanly and accurately. Rather than hating on it we should be sending this everywhere. People are much more amenable to humorous persuasion like this than complicated arguments from principle.

    I know, I'm a buzzkill. I enjoy harshing on the Friday Cartoons as much as the next stalwart. But sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta cut them some slack.

    1. And this very joke was made about a dozen times on this very board. And people thought it was funny.

      People just like to hate on Bok. It is sort of an indoor outdoor sport.

    2. There is no sugarcoating it, the Friday Funnies aren't.

      1. You'll know when one is funny because it won't be on Friday. Only one of the two propositions can be simultaneously true or the universe ends.

  16. Contrast Obama's execution of Obamacare with Bush's of Medicare part D.

    1. Medicare Part D has some free market elements in it. That is why the liberals hated it. The liberals wanted full on central planning and price controls. When medicare part D didn't have that, the liberals called it a sellout to Big Pharm.

    2. Obama's execution

      Tim, the NSA will be calling soon.

  17. I'll be waiting for my royalty checks.

  18. This is genius in its subtlety.

  19. Satire is when you exaggerate an existing truth not when you make one up. I don't think Obama had sinister motives when he made that statement and to try to make it appear that way is like mining an empty vein. It would probably be better to go after Obama as incompetent. Maybe have him dressed as a package delivery person with a box that has a hole in the bottom and a label of "empty promises" with him happily saying "Here is the plan you wanted to keep as promised" or something like that.

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