Gun Rights

Police Union President Wants Off-Duty Cops to Be Able to Carry Guns at NFL Stadiums

Because they have special rights


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The police union president in Minneapolis is not okay with an NFL ban on guns at stadiums that extends to off-duty cops, who have rights. Special state-granted privileges masquerading as rights for them, Constitutional rights or what passes for them for the rest of us.

From WCCO in Minneapolis:

New NFL security rules will now ban off-duty law enforcement officers from taking their guns into stadiums. But some Minneapolis peace officers are saying they believe the policy is a violation of their rights.

The letter went out Sept. 11, 2013, telling all team owners and presidents that firearms are strictly prohibited within NFL facilities.

The crackdown on firearms concerns Minneapolis Police Federation President John Delmonico. He believes a call for off-duty officers to give up their weapons at the gate violates an officer's rights, as determined by state law.

The union president also pointed to cops being unable to react in the case of some kind of attack, something the chief of Interpol recently noted is the reason an armed citizenry is one of the few ways to deter terrorist attacks by gunmen in public places.

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