A.M. Links: NSA Pushing For CISPA, FBI Pushing Against Sequester, Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Want to Go Anywhere


  • nancy!

    The NSA chief is lobbying for the Congress to reintroduce CISPA, a bill that would allow internet companies to share more data with the government.

  • The director of the FBI has been lobbying to reverse the sequester, saying it is affecting his agency's ability to do its job.
  • The unemployment rate inched down to 7.2 percent, with 148,000 new jobs created, less than expected.
  • Nancy Pelosi would like to remain the House Democratic leader until further notice.
  • San Francisco's public transit workers reached a tentative deal on a contract, ending a four day strike.
  • Google is working on technology services to bypass censorship, unveiling uProxy yesterday.
  • Amnesty International says US drone strikes in Pakistan could constitute war crimes.

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