A.M. Links: Obama Hopeful House Will Go Along With Whatever Senate Deal, Walmart Defends Allowing No Limit EBT Shopping Spree, Moose Population on Decline Across America


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    President Obama is hopeful the House will pass whatever deal the Senate comes up with to raise the debt limit, which is still scheduled to be hit by the federal government tomorrow. It's apparently his only plan. Fitch Ratings, meanwhile, wants the debt limit raised in a "timely manner" or it could downgrade its AAA credit rating of the United States.

  • Closing the national parks costs more than keeping them open and the feds could be losing up to $76 million a day in lost revenue, according to the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees.
  • A Walmart spokesperson said the company "made the right choice" in allowing EBT users at a Louisiana store to keep shopping even though a glitch had suspended spending caps. Walmart will now be responsible to pay the difference, according to the state.
  • A Shell gas station clerk was fired for using a gun to fend off a robber on the overnight shift; clerks are forbidden by store policy to carry guns.
  • More than two dozen people with disabilities filed complaints in 2012 about TSA checkpoints and procedures at the Phoenix airport.
  • Lawyers in the James Holmes Aurora theater shooting case are arguing over whether the two-hour delay in reading Holmes his Miranda rights falls under the public safety exception or not.
  • From British Columbia to Minnesota to New Hampshire, the moose population is on a significant decline across North America and scientists aren't sure why.

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