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Gas Station Clerk Fired After Fending Off Robber with Gun

NASHUA – When Shannon Cothran was threatened by a knife-wielding robber on Monday morning, he didn’t think twice about what to do.

Cothran, who was working after midnight at the Shell gas station at 301 Main St. in Nashua, pulled out his Ruger LCP 380 handgun.

The robber turned around and walked out the door, and Cothran called the police.

Cothran believes his decision to carry a handgun might have saved his life Monday morning. But the owners of the gas station took a different view.

Source: Nashua Telegraph. Read full article. (link)

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  • SOFL Hockey Fan||

    Now out of a job, Cothran said he feels the company policy is irresponsible, but with a grandson on the way, he stands by his decision to carry a firearm for protection........Cothran, 29.....

  • Live Free or Diet||

    It also says his fiancee is expecting the birth of a grandson. Same baby? She might be older, I suppose, but otherwise this implies two adjacent generations of pregnant 14-year-olds.

  • ||

    Isn't this SOP at most places?

  • A Mathematician||

    I used to always get my gas there... not anymore