Nick Gillespie on CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront: Ted Cruz, Obamacare, and More


I'll be on CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront tonight around 7.30pm ET, talking Ted Cruz, Obamacare, shutdown, sequester, you name it.

Take a look!


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  1. Erin looks like she preemptively doesn’t believe a word coming out of your cake hole, Gillespie.

    1. She married a Citigroup exec. Does she rail against banks?

    2. And a little like Sarah Silverman.

      1. Obligatory. Anytime someone mentions Sarah Silverman.

  2. Throw back a few shots of whisk– no, wait this is Nick, not Matt. You certainly don’t need shitkicker advice. Maybe bring some ouzo to share with everybody to get them all in a nice big warm fuzzy before you kick the legs beneath their stools.

    1. Wouldn’t Gillespie bring sambuca? Or Fernet Branca maybe?

      1. There’s an idea! Everytime he signs off he raises a glass of sambuca smoking with fire. To freedom you progressive a-holes!

        Leather and sambuca. Leather and sambuca.

      2. I usually go straight to the ethnic joke, but sambuca has never given the same warm fuzzy feeling, more like a cough syrup OD, so for tactical purposes I suggest ouzo.

        1. Ouzo is ok. Sambuca (black preferably) and Arak for me.

          Or go with Grappa.

          Personally, I’m an Averna guy.

        2. Arak by the way is great with ice and water.

        3. Ouzo seems less syrupy and more akin to aguardiente; I can get behind that.

  3. I see her flipping through channels. Who is she?

    1. A Democratic operative who inexplicably has been given hours of airtime by some news network or other.

      1. In some parallel universe, the idea of political hacks being hired for journalism jobs is considered unethical or at least in bad taste.

      2. That could be anyone from the news.

        1. Huh. Whaddaya know, I guess it could.

      3. She’s actually pretty bright, and was a financial analyst with Goldman Sachs. She is also part of the East Coast elite. Born into the right family, attended the right schools, holds the right beliefs. She also seems like an insufferable cunt.

        Have fun, Nick.

        1. Does she demand free contraceptives? She looks like someone who would do that.

          1. On June 21, 2013, Burnett’s rep confirmed to People Magazine that she is pregnant. She is due in November 2013.

            1. See what happens when we don’t pay her for sex?

        2. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations

          Uh oh…

      4. I liked her when she was on CNBC. And she’s hot.

        1. I think you are confusing her with Trish Regan. When Erin was at CNBC, on camera she looked like she had a toothache, or there was a badger gnawing her toes under the desk. Terrible personality. She’d laugh at stuff that wasn’t funny, and be stone silent when someone ha a good one-liner.

          Now Trish Regan… the few months after the birth of her children, her boobs are nicely plump.

        2. At least she should be financially literate…in theory. So points to her.

  4. I don’t watch anybody on these networks for fear of watching a liberal condescendingly roll their eyes are act impolitely.

  5. Is there any talking head on TV who better exemplifies the soccer-mom-progressive-by-default archetype, than Erin Burnett? You know, it’s not like she comes across as explicitly in-your-face-leftist a la MSNBC folks. But as soon as she gets outside the range of stuff she actually knows about, she is in effect a leftist, unless she is overwhelmed with heaps of knowledge. And she doesn’t know that much about very many things. So in some ways, you have to give her a little respect for having enough of a brain to occasionally listen and come to at least a reasonable middle of the road kind of position. But it is exasperating that you have to start from square one on every new subject to get her any where to the right of Mao.

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