Stock Market Shrugs at Shutdown, So Do Vets, Venezuela Expels US Diplomats: P.M. Links


  • Eventually the "shutdown" will consist solely of the furlough of the person who changes this sign.
    Credit: bmills / Foter / CC BY

    The stock market has responded to the disastrous government shutdown by … posting big gains! Well, then.

  • World War II vets don't need the government to tell them how or when to visit a national monument, thank you very much. Republicans proposed a plan to reopen national parks, but the White House rejected it.
  • Thousands have been affected by online glitches and the inability to log in to a much-demanded service. I'm talking, of course, about today's launch of Grand Theft Auto V's online component, which has not gone well. How are we supposed to take out our frustrations over the glitchy health care exchange sites?
  • Venezuela has expelled three U.S. diplomats, accusing them of trying to sabotage the economy. Critics note that the move is a smokescreen to cover the country's huge problems.
  • A human rights group estimates the death toll so far in Syria's civil war stands at 115,000.
  • An imprisoned Pussy Riot member's hunger strike in Russia lasted nine days before she ended it. But she's promising to do it again if she's not moved to another prison with better conditions.

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