70 Percent of Civilian Spy Agency Employees Reportedly Furloughed During Government Shutdown

97 percent of NASA employees furloughed by Mars rover still operational


government shutdown proof

A partial government shutdown in effect since midnight means furlough for some employees across the government.

From the Hill:

The government shutdown has forced spy agencies to furlough 70 percent of their civilian employees, according to a senior intelligence official.

The furloughed employees include both support staff and intelligence analysts, according to the official.

In other government shutdown news, while 97 percent of NASA's employees will be furloughed, the Mars Curiosity rover, because it's run by Caltech's Jet Propulsion Lab, a contractor, will continue to operate. Military personnel will continue to be paid, but those stationed at US bases will no longer enjoy 30 percent discounts at commissaries—the commissaries are shuttering next week once they've expended their perishable goods. This weekend's Army-Navy game may be cancelled. Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn points out the partial government shutdown means no new regulations from the EPA for now. 

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