Government Shutdown

70 Percent of Civilian Spy Agency Employees Reportedly Furloughed During Government Shutdown

97 percent of NASA employees furloughed by Mars rover still operational


government shutdown proof

A partial government shutdown in effect since midnight means furlough for some employees across the government.

From the Hill:

The government shutdown has forced spy agencies to furlough 70 percent of their civilian employees, according to a senior intelligence official.

The furloughed employees include both support staff and intelligence analysts, according to the official.

In other government shutdown news, while 97 percent of NASA's employees will be furloughed, the Mars Curiosity rover, because it's run by Caltech's Jet Propulsion Lab, a contractor, will continue to operate. Military personnel will continue to be paid, but those stationed at US bases will no longer enjoy 30 percent discounts at commissaries—the commissaries are shuttering next week once they've expended their perishable goods. This weekend's Army-Navy game may be cancelled. Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn points out the partial government shutdown means no new regulations from the EPA for now. 

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34 responses to “70 Percent of Civilian Spy Agency Employees Reportedly Furloughed During Government Shutdown

  1. Still employed!

  2. I take issue with the term, furlough. I think, given the near certainty that they will get back pay when Congress finally gets past this miniscule bump on the road to total financial collapse, we call it like it is: paid vacation. Seems like that might help put things into a little different perspective with the public.

    1. Idiot.
      Money later won’t pay the bills today

      1. Us peasants have this thing called a savings account. Most people try to keep anywhere from three to six months living expenses in this account, in case we have a drop in income.

        1. you assume everyone has their shit together.

          1. Fuckstick, I just saw some fucking GS-11 bitching about living paycheck to paycheck.

            Now GS-11 makes between 62 and 81 thousand per year. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck on that, then you’re too stupid to live.

            1. These are government employees we’re talking about.

              1. You know my grandparents worked for the FedGov for three decades. Of course, they were a machinist and a secretary, not worthless bureaucrats, so they weren’t totally fucking clueless.

                1. they were a machinist and a secretary, not worthless bureaucrats

                  I guess my opinion is biased in that I deal with worthless federal bureaucrats in my work, so my opinion of federal workers is stained.

            2. Evidently empathy and compassion are not libertarian traits.

              1. Seems to me that empathy and compassion are what got us into this mess. Or, I should say, empathy and compassion without reason.

                IOW, people like you who refuse to hold others to the same standards you set for yourself.

                Tuff luv.

              2. empathy and compassion are not libertarian traits

                One of my favorite expressions goes something like this: If you want sympathy, look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

                Seriously though, a difference between liberals and libertarians is that libertarians don’t feign empathy and compassion with other peoples’ money.

              3. My empathy and compassion are reserved for the hosts, not the parasites.

                1. You guys realize that NSA Corey is a joke handle, right? You’re literally arguing with a joke.

          2. you assume everyone has their shit together.

            No I just don’t assume responsibility for other people’s problems.

          3. you assume everyone has their shit together.

            No, I INSIST everyone has their shit together.

        2. This peasant has been striving to fill up just an emergency fund for a couple years, without success. Though this peasant has succeeded in that time in not taking on any additional debt, since the partial emergency fund was able to cover the emergencies.

      2. You work for the NSA and you don’t have a rainy day nestegg?

        How absolutely irresponsible.

        1. I’m not referring to myself.

          1. So you took responsibility for yourself, yet others shouldn’t be held to such high standards?

            This will make a fine learning opportunity.

      3. Tragic. It would bring a tear to my eye, except that you people spent that last 12 years burning through the last of your goodwill.

        If you need any tips for surviving financial squeezes, ask anyone living outside the DC bubble, if you know people like that.

    2. To be fair, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, missing a check or two can really hurt. Even if you get it back later.

      1. and how is that my problem? Plan a head. People who like pay check to pay check are idiots.

        I see so many military members living pay check to pay check because they CHOOSE to be stupid.

        1. and how is that my problem? Who said it was?

          1. than why post something like that? Sounds like you are trying to defend or give those short sighted people an excuse.

  3. Everybody dance now!

  4. Air Corps is no longer part of the Army, the Army-Navy game is played in early December. I figure with broadcast rights paid and ticket revenue the Navy-AF game is a money maker.

    1. same with the commissary. They make money off that place…30 percent year right. MCCS particularly is run like the mob and pulls in tons of money. It is just politics….they are trying to make it worse than it is -_-

  5. Oh fuck! Whose going to read my email now?????

  6. Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn points out the partial government shutdown means no new regulations from the EPA for now.

    Friggin’ awesome.


  8. Roll with it man, I said roll with it.

  9. Where do they get the 30% number? Albeit, it has been 20 years since I have been in a commissary and that one was in the UK. But, even compared to Brit groceries, I don’t think there was a 30% savings overall available at the commissary.

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