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Ron Paul Warns Rand: You Could Win in 2016



Former Congressman Ron Paul, who has run for president three times (once as a Libertarian, twice as a Republican), spoke last night to Jay Leno about what 2016 plans his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), might have.

Ron Paul said that he has not discussed a 2016 White House bid with his son, but did offer a warning.

From Politico:

Former Rep. Ron Paul has some advice for his son, Sen. Rand Paul, if he decides to run for president: Be careful.

But it might not be why you'd think.

"I would say be very cautious, you could get elected," the elder Paul, a Texas Republican, joked on "The Tonight Show" on Thursday night.

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  1. Obama Warns Biden: You could win in 2016.

  2. Bill Warns Hillary: America won’t elect a grandma.

  3. No. No, he can’t.

    1. I think he could kick any liberal’s ass in a debate. He’d sail above their personal attacks and make them look like a child. It would be a beautiful thing to watch.

      Then he’d lose the election because people want their free shit and they’d be afraid he might take away their free shit.

      1. Think of his performance at Howard, one of the better predominantly black colleges. He was calm and logical, charming and disarming, articulate and substantive.

        He will have won not a single vote from any of those students.

  4. “What about those newsletters and the 1964 CRA?”

    1. Not a chance.
      No one with a real understanding of the Constitution is going to get close to the nomination.

    2. This is where Rand is a better pol than his dad. Bringing up Mandatory Minimums – and specifically discussing how it hurts minorities – will help him with some of the left.

      1. True, but he already has the CRA blemish on his record, and it will get brought up if he runs

        1. It won’t just be brought up, it’ll be ran in a 24/7 loop on MSNBC so that all anyone thinks when hear “Rand Paul” is “RACIST!!!11!!!!1!!”

          1. You and Cali are right, but they will just be screaming into the wind at the nodding donkeys who already make up their audience.

            If he unpacked the CRA, pointed out that he was in fact, in favor of repealing Jim Crow, I think it would do much to convince independents.

            1. I hope so. I don’t think that’s most people really put that much critical thought into who they decide to vote for. A lot of generally apathetic people tune into news more when a presidential election nears, and pretty much every station besides Fox (and even Fox during the primaries) would be running the narrative.

              1. Most people knownothing about what the CRA actually doe sin detail all they know is it has something to do with rights for black people.

                It will be very easy for the media/ dems to be “oh my god rand is a rascist!”

  5. Just goes to show?Ron Paul
    a) Never thought he could win
    b) Never even wanted to win
    Yet he took all kinds of campaign cash. Jerk.

  6. I admit a have a teensy little crush on Rand Paul, but I think it would/will be more difficult for the MSM to paint him as a racist then they might expect. Unfortunately at the moment I’m living in a very dysfunctional team blue city, but even here I’m starting to see quite a lot of Rand Paul 2016 and Stand with Rand bumper stickers and such on cars with occupants I’d never have expected even a year ago. He really is reaching people and especially minorities with his message about the war on drugs and mandatory minimum sentencing. I think the MSM and progs both have a hard time grasping how many lives these awful policies have ruined. Many of the same people who voted for Obama for the freebies are and will be more than willing to risk said freebies if they believe their sons, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends will have a chance to get out of prison for drug offenses.

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