Chris Christie

Chris Christie Attracting Black Voters in NJ Re-Election Bid: Polling at 36 Percent

Compared to the 9 percent share he got in the 2009 election


ORANGE, N.J.—In his otherwise successful 2009 gubernatorial campaign, Chris Christie didn't exactly triumph in this predominantly African-American township west of Newark.

In fact, he chalked up a grand total of 302 votes here—good enough for 5.7 percent of the vote against incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine.

But if the reaction he received during campaign stops across this urban center on Tuesday is any indication, the Republican governor will do far better this November, bolstering his goal of a massive re-election victory en route to a likely 2016 presidential bid.

Recent polling confirms the enormous strides Christie has made with African-Americans in the Garden State—Exhibit A when his supporters point to how Republicans can finally attain a foothold with non-white voters in the coming post-Obama era.