A.M. Links: 500,000 Children Could Lose Insurance Coverage Because of Obamacare, President Pledges Aid to Kenya After Mall Attack, 59 Percent of Non-Defense Employees Exempt From Any Government Shut Down


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    Another Obamacare "glitch" could cause 500,000 children to lose their insurance coverage.

  • A letter from nine Senate Judiciary Committee members, including the chairman, Pat Leahy, and the ranking Republican, Charles Grassley, asks the intelligence community's inspector general to review two of the NSA's data collection programs.
  • Kenyan security forces continue to search for militants at the Nairobi mall attacked over the weekend. The White House has not confirmed whether any Americans died in the attack, but the Kenyan foreign minister said two or three were involved. President Obama pledged law enforcement support to Kenya in its investigation of the Al Qaeda-linked attack.
  • Remember how the feds targeted the AP and its reporters in an investigation into embarrassing leaks that contradicted the Obama campaign's assertions about Al Qaeda's strength? An ex-FBI agent working as a consultant for the Bureau has pled guilty.
  • How did Aaron Alexis get a security clearance despite his checkered past? He lied.
  • What government shutdown? 59 percent of non-defense employees will remain on the job even if the White House and Congress can't agree on a spending deal.
  • A sign of recovery? Illegal immigration may be ticking up after taking a dive during the recession.
  • A Gallup poll shows a record high 60 percent of Americans believe government is too big.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch has settled a battery of discrimination lawsuits filed in California, and has agreed to allow female Muslim workers to wear headscarves on shift.
  • Ten people, including a six-year-old girl, were shot and killed in the outskirts of the Mexican border town of Juarez.

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