Starbucks CEO Writes Open Letter Asking Customers Not To Bring Guns Into Stores

Says pro-gun activists have used stores as platforms for media events


On Tuesday night, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wrote the following open letter asking customers to no longer bring firearms into the stores, even in states where they are legally permissible to carry.

He notes that this is not a "ban" on guns, but rather a request. In the letter, Schultz expresses frustration with pro-gun activists who have held "Starbucks Appreciation Day" events at the company's location, ostensibly to laud the coffee shop's policy on open-carry. Schultz does not want these events held at Starbucks any longer. With the letter, he risks incurring the anger of a large segment of the population.

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  1. Fuck Starbucks

  2. What a stupid move… It won’t be enough to satisfy the banners, and it won’t do anything but turn away the gun folks.

    1. Doesn’t turn me away. I carry my sidearm concealed. The open carry guys….look, I get what they’re trying to do, but they have gone way overboard with the slinging long guns thing. Yes, they have the right to, but I don’t think long guns in public are inside the Overton window right now. If you’re going to open carry, my personal opinion is that the best look is clean, professional, absolutely calm, with a belt holstered sidearm. Not ranting and raving with an AR slung across your back. Or even calm with an AR across your back.

      Especially nowadays, I think walking around with a long gun is likely to get you shot by the cops.

  3. Since I long ago decided that paying $$$ for a cup of shitty coffee (Flavor of the Week: Burned!!) served up by douchebags who dispensed attitude along with the shitty coffee was not a necessary part of my life I can say that I will not carry in any Starbucks in Texas. You’re welcome.

  4. They have the right to restrict use on their private property, even if it’s kind of stupid.

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