Rand Paul

Rand Paul's Wife Says Bill Clinton's Behavior Was "Predatory" and "Offensive to Women"

The 42nd president could be "first gentleman" in a couple of years


Senator Rand Paul's mother suggested in a magazine interview that he will announce his 2016 presidential bid sometime after the 2014 midterm elections.

"Rand says he won't declare that he's going to run until after 2014," Carol Paul toldVogue in a new profile by Jason Horowitz on Rand Paul and his family. "Groundwork has to be set.

He told Fox News in August that he's considering a run, but wouldn't make a decision for "probably a year." His mother's latest comments suggest a more specific time frame for that decision.

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  1. Yes, and NOW said ‘So what? He’s a Dem.’

  2. In a Rand Paul administration, I’d like to see the following cabinet:

    VP: Justin Amash
    State: Ron Paul (if we want respect overseas, we should have a top diplomat who respects other countries’ sovereignty and won’t treat them all as either enemies or vassals.)
    Attorney General: Andrew Napolitano (with a supreme court appointment to follow)
    Treasury: Peter Schiff
    Interior: Russell Means
    Agriculture: John Mackey
    Commerce: Hans-Hermann Hoppe
    Labor: Mike Lee
    HHS: B. J. Lawson
    HUD: Thomas Sowell
    Transportation: Burt Rutan
    Energy: Daniel Nocera
    Education: John Taylor Gatto
    Veterans’ Affairs: Jesse Ventura
    Homeland Security: Bruce Schneier
    War Department: Adam Kokesh

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