Florida Man Arrested For Protesting Red Light Cameras

Without a permit


Red light cameras are a hot topic across the Sunshine State, but rarely do they land someone in jail.

66-year-old Mark Schmidter was arrested Saturday in Apopka after an officer spotted him wearing a "Ban the Cams" sign around his neck and handing out flyers to drivers at the intersection of U.S. 441 and Park Avenue, according to the arrest report.

h/t Jon Chapin

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  1. i like this guy….we need more like him.

  2. So, I’m wondering…the rationale behind needing a permit for a large scale protest is because of the tendency to block traffic. What’s the rationale behind requiring a permit to protest something all by yourself?

    And how the HELL did it get past the court system?

  3. This is a perfect example of the mentality of the police state. If he had been protesting something (nearly anything) else, they would have left him alone.

    But he was protesting their ability to steal from us. He was protesting their ability to arbitrarily empty our wallets without actually having to do any work. He was protesting their ability to track our movements at a whim, on the off chance we step out of line.

    In short, he was fucking with their money.

    And they’re going to ruin him for it.

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