3D Printing

J.D. Tuccille Touts Drug War-Defying 3D Chemical Printing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


3d chemical printing
Cronin Group

Not long ago I peered into the old technological crystal ball and saw a future in which advancements in 3D printing revolutionize not just manufacturing, but chemical engineering and the pharmaceutical industry. Innovations already under way in the use of the technology promise to bring the production of drugs to the desktop, at the "point of need." End users will download files that describe the structure of the drugs they want and print them at will. That has important implications for research, development and for the affordability of "orphan drugs" that treat relatively rare ailments. Not incidentally, this technology will render legal restrictions on recreational drugs even less enforceable than they are now.

Now go back to the future, and revisit that column, reprinted in the pages of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Thrill to an exciting and liberating future! Marvel that the Post-Gazette apparently has no comment system in an age when that's a standard means of getting readers to stick around for a while and connect with your publication!

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