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New Rule at Fort Hood: Soldiers Must Show ID to Police Officers Upon Request

Cops not keen on soldiers who open carry in town


After several confrontations between soldiers and civilian police, Fort hood has created a new policy.

In an email outlining the policy, Fort Hood says, "There is a growing trend of soldiers assigned to fort hood openly carrying firearms in private business establishments."

When approached by police, they say soldiers have been refusing to cooperate with civilian police officers who try to assess if the guns are a threat to the public.

The local owner of B&K Pawn believes some of this confrontation may come from confusing gun laws.

"It seems like a double edge sword the military people under 21 can carry a handgun in pursuit of their duties on Fort Hood," explains Scott McComas. "But once they step off of Fort Hood they aren't really able to carry a firearm because they are not of age."

h/t Francisco d'Anconia