The Left/Right Antiwar Alliance in Congress

A coalition coalesces.


If you want to see a left/right coalition for civil liberties and against an interventionist foreign policy—and if you're a regular reader of Reason, there's a good chance that you do—then this Washington Post piece by Greg Sargent should warm your heart. An excerpt:

Even the art is happy to hear this.

Dem Rep. Alan Grayson, a leader of the anti-war wing of the House Democratic caucus, tells TPM's Dylan Scott he is organizing across the aisle to create such an alliance by gearing up an "ad hoc whip organization." This sort of right-left alliance is often discussed but rarely materializes. But this time there could be something to it….[E]ven though it's early in the whipping process on Syria, we're already seeing substantial numbers of Members who voted to end NSA surveillance now coming out or leaning against action in Syria.

Most of these lawmakers fall into two camps. On the Republican side, they are Tea Partyers of the non-hackish variety—Tea Partyers who buck the neocon line on intervention abroad and whose support for limited government translates into real concern for civil liberties, at least in some areas. These are Republicans you might find in the Liberty Caucus. On the Democratic side, you have lawmakers who are more anti-war than liberal internationalist, and care about privacy issues—not because of an embrace of limited government, but because they embrace civil liberties from the left. They are willing to ally with these Republicans because their anti-war views mesh to some degree with the former group's anti-interventionist streak; and because there is some civil libertarian overlap.

In both cases—on Syria, and on the amendment to end NSA surveillance—this loose alliance of lawmakers is allied against the leadership of their own parties. And in both cases, they represent a genuine threat to the outcome.

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  1. Join the Extreme Coalition of mine!

    Our slogan is Fair & Reasonable, or Reasonable & Fair.


  2. So is it the libertarian wing or the tea party wing of the Republican party? I keep reading them as apparently interchangeable.

    1. It’s the libertarian populist wing!

      1. You’ll know there’s real trouble when we start hearing about the Neo_Libertarians.

    2. Whichever sounds the most evil/subversive.

  3. So Republicans of the ‘non-hackish variety’, where are the Democrats of the ‘non-hackish variety’?

  4. Members voting based on PRINCIPALS!?!???
    Ignoring the commands of their BLUE and RED overlords, in which they are suppose to oppose Anything that the other color does???


  5. I’m pretty sure Obama promised during his campaign to bring the parties together. So chalk this one up to him?

    1. He also brought the left wing and right wing hawks together.

  6. Greg Sargent is joefromlol only with saltier and more delicious tears. Who wants to bet right now Sargent is claiming all of this opposition to the Syrian War from the Republicans is because they hate Obama?

    Greg Sargent : Leni Riefenstahl, only with a douchier face.

    1. Yeah, I made the mistake of breaking my self-prohibition from Bill O’Really? last night. And HE told me all Republican dissent to Syria is because HATEOBAMA!!111!1!

      That’s the most unimpeachable source there is, so – FACT.

      1. I made the mistake of breaking my self-prohibition from Bill O’Really?

        Dude, what’s with the baby steps? Why not just watch Alan Colmes on Hannity and get your TV induced lobotomy over with.

      2. I hate Obama so much given he has shown no indication he wants to invade Canada, I think we should go up there and kick their asses! Just to be contrary to that motherfucker!

        He also loves to collect Savage Swords of Conan comic books. I use to as well until I discovered this. I’m burning all of mine!

        He’s a fan of Led Zep. Those old albums and CDs are going into the bonfire, man!

        His favorite indulgence is a plate of ribs. Never eating that shit again.

        I hate him so, so very much. O’Reilly gets it! He nails it, as he always does. There is absolutely no reason not to bomb Syria, it was their name that was picked out of the hat this time after all.

        It can only be hate that motivates against war.

        1. It can only be hate that motivates against war.

          If I didn’t already have a political philosophy I think I would now have to invent one based on this thesis.

          It would be entirely unworkable but damn it would be fun.

  7. The blonde-haired power-chin fellow in the picture there is Cowboy Henk, a really bizarre comic if there ever was.

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