Bank of Japan Continuing Quantitative Easing, Believes Economy is Recovering

Moderately, the bank says


The Bank of Japan decided to keep its monetary easing program unchanged after a two-day meeting of its Policy Board on Thursday. At the same time, the central bank upwardly revised its assessment of the economy, saying that the economy is recovering.

The nine-member Board, led by Governor Haruhiko Kuroda, unanimously voted to keep the target of the monetary base expansion at an annual pace of JPY 60-70 trillion.

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  1. I’m glad I didn’t listen to my accounting professor in university who strongly suggested we all learn Japanese back in the early 1990s. Remember when the Japs were “buying” up America? I remember reading an article dismissing the hysteria showing the assets they were buying up represented – if memory serves me correct – something like 2% of the American economy. But people believed, hence learn Japanian!

    Saved me a headache. All those characters. I can barely write English.

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