Judge Extends Psychiatric Hold on Amanda Bynes to Up to a Year

Started with a 72-hour hold, doctors considering 60 days


It went from a 72-hour hold to two weeks in psychiatric care, to an extended 30-day stay and now possibly to a long-term stay in the hospital for Amanda Bynes.

After being apprehended on a 5150 for setting fire in a residential driveway, the former Nickelodeon star's condition has become somewhat of a public concern.

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  1. 1. None of our business.
    2. None of our business.
    3. None of our business.

    1. But it’s a celebrity!

      A celebrity!

  2. Disney child stars seem to grow up and find drains to circle. Makes me wonder what secrets Hilary Duff has found to escape the pattern — or what horrors she’s managed to hide.

  3. For years, I thought this was the woman from Married with Children (Marcie, the neighbor).

    Apparently I am the only one on the internet who doesn’t watch the Disney channel.

    1. I think she was on Nickelodeon.

      1. Ah! I also thought she was ex-Disney. I remember her from my kids’ viewing habits.
        OK, so former child cable channel stars circling drains isn’t a company-specific phenomenon.

  4. the reason this is important is because its granting a totalitarian set of rules to judges and mental health professionals.

    the most powerful way to circumvent an individuals rights is to declare them not a person, not accountable, mentally retarded, clinically insane. the most horrific point in this is that psychology is a pseudoscience. meaning that experts give opinions and judges rule on them. opinions. there are no hard facts in this field.

    adjacent to this is criminal prosecution of ppl who dont subscribe to western medicine. they will convict you of a thought crime, parallel to not buying insurance under obamacare, for not recognizing the might of western medicine.

    personally i go with western medicine every time, but if someone else doesnt think so, they are NOT a thought criminal. and they still get to do what they think is best, even if they are really dumb.

    here in washington state there is an illegal prison scheme going on. its called civil commitment, while i agree with its intent, its also in the same boat as the above 2. fallible sciences magically removing ppls rights and determinism.

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