Ed Krayewski Discusses the Possibility of Military Intervention in Syria on Russia Today's "Cross Talk"

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I'm on the latest episode of Russia Today's "Cross Talk," which airs internationally today. I appeared along with Yazan Abdallah, a Syrian activist based out of Damascus and Michal Shank out of Washington, D.C.

Watch below:

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  1. As much as I wish RT wouldn’t emulate American pundit panels, I’m glad you’re out there trying to get through to people.

    1. concur, that host is a tool. At least hannity and the like act with a little more dignity. This guy’s bouncing around, scoffing, laughing and pouncing on every word. Seems like amateur hour

      1. “where all things are considered… but let me just make to steer this discussion to my predetermined conclusion” That shit’s worse than calling something “fair and balanced”

        1. Yeah. The people Russia pays to spout their propaganda have definitely taken a step back since the days of Sergei Eisenstein.

  2. There is no way China and Russia are going to allow a Security Council authorizing this. Remember when Iraq was this illegal immoral war because the UNSC didn’t specifically authorize it? And Iraq had previous UNSCRs that pretty clearly authorized force. But Bush didn’t get one last okay, so he was a war criminal. Obama is going to get no okay. But the court media and his enablers on the Left will tell us how this is totally different. WMDs you know.

    1. Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria.…..Syria.html

      1. Interesting. With the rise in US production, I wonder if that is much of a prize as it once was.

        1. Putin doesn’t seem to have caught on to the failure of authoritarian communism yet, so maybe he’s not up to speed on our recent discoveries. Or maybe he’s going to trade Snowden for Obama having the EPA shut down all US production.

  3. I don’t know that Ed’s doing the movement (sign) any good by appear on this type of program. I’m all for non-intervention, but this panel smelled like tinfoil hat.

    1. sign again: appearing

  4. Peter Lavelle is a bigger douche than Thom Hartmann. That takes some doing. The Syrian guy is just dying to go on a rant about JOOOOS (all of the other Arab states are puppets of Israel? Israel runs the White House? Come on, dude. Let it all hang out.)

    1. I don’t know why any organization trying to gain political relevance would advertise nodding along in agreement with someone giggling and obviously happy he can have the chance to say the USA is going to be wrong to attack Syria.

      There is potential misery and death for a lot of people involved in this. What the fuck is so funny about that?

  5. I absolute CANNOT wait for the US to impose some American Exceptionalism? on Syria, good and hard!

    No…I can totally wait. Forever.

  6. So does RT oppose Russian intervention in Syrian to stop US intervention?

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