The 'Experts' Who Want a War With Syria

Here we go again. Dammit.


On a purely voluntary basis, of course.
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Matt Welch mentioned this earlier today, but it deserves extra attention and extra scorn: a "big group of foreign policy experts"—that's what The Weekly Standard calls them, "foreign policy experts"—urging "the United States and other willing nations" to "consider direct military strikes against the pillars of the Assad regime." The roster of "experts" is a sight to behold: Gary Bauer! Martin Peretz! Karl Rove! L. Paul Bremer!

I haven't written a lot about the possibly pending American intervention in Syria, because Jesus fucking Christ do people seriously want a war in Syria? To argue convincingly against an idea I need some capacity for understanding the other side of the argument, and at the moment my willingness to put myself in these jokers' shoes is pretty limited. Sorry. Dear experts: If you want to hear the most compelling case against your latest crusade, lock yourself in a room, strap yourself to a chair, and watch a rerun of the last 10 years. Maybe you'll learn something.