Newt Gingrich Opposes Syria Intervention, Asks What Would Come After Bombing

Former speaker of the house, GOP presidential candidate now a CNN contributor


News that the United States is considering a military strike on Syria in response to the Bashar al-Assad regime's suspected use of chemical weapons suggests we could soon see an American bombing campaign on the war-torn country.

The atrocities that took place in Syria recently, such as those that have been taking place there for almost two years, are deplorable and inhuman.

Before bombing Syria over the regime's latest crimes, however, we should stand back and ask, "And then what?"

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  1. Anyone with a brain knows that another war is ill advised and stupid. Newt is such a collosal bullshit artist however. If this were a republican mulling this, his fat ass would be on C-Span advising of our moral neo-con wackjob reasons for going into all foreign wars.
    Do politicians even need to belong to a party anymore. They are all exactly the same people.

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