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Men in Campground Gunfight Turn Out to Be LA Deputies

Don't you feel safer?


An apparent booze-fueled dispute over loud music between two groups at a Chino campground over the weekend escalated to the point where men from both sides drew guns and opened fire.

No one was hurt, but the two alleged gunmen have plenty to explain.

It turns out that the rival gun-toting campers were both Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.

Authorities suspect the off-duty cops learned they were colleagues only after their campground showdown.

Chino police officers were called to Prado Regional Park early Sunday morning. They arrested the deputies — Dejay Barber, 44, and Matthew Rincon, 24 — on suspicion of negligent discharge of a firearm.

(Hat tip to Charles WT)

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    Now my stomach hurts.

  2. Remember kiddies, leave handling those dangerous guns to the professionals.

    Lucky there wasn’t a civilian involved, somebody might have actually gotten hit.

  3. This is nothing new. Working Security in Laughlin, NV, Golden Nugget, we would kick out mostly LA cops and fire-fighters. Cops getting drunk and pulling illegal weapons on people. We ultimately banned them from Tarzan’s lounge.

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